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  1. 2021 Mustang Wheels

    No you should not as long as the front tires are no wider than 285.
  2. 2021 Mustang Wheels

    35 and 50 will sit a little more flush, although 55 is probably OK for an 11 inch rear. It's common to use a 5mm slip on spacer in the front with +40 offset wheels. Can't go bigger than that without needing extended studs.
  3. 2021 Mustang Wheels

    What are the offsets of the m350s?
  4. 2021 Mustang Wheels

    You shouldn't have any fitment issues with either one since they're designed with appropriate offsets for these cars. Size depends on personal preference and goals for the car. Square setups have handling advantages and can be rotated, but the staggered look is popular. 19x10 square or 19x10/11...
  5. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    Black worried me a little in the pics but once I walked into the dealer last night, no more regrets! Just scheduled appointment for radar, Sub/amp, and window tints. Redline hood struts are here and my White Madness White cue ball shifter is on it's way. Ordering Weathertech's now. Bank account...
  6. 2021 Mach 1 wheels / specs

    Like you said there are some good choices with winter tires in both sizes 255/40/19 and 275/40/19. I live in region of Germany where winter is usually mild so good all-season tires work for me however, best choice might prove to be the winter tires as you suggest. :fistbump:
  7. So a Twister Orange GT is a PoPo magnet for sure!

    When I first started looking at Mustangs my wife advised not to get a red one out of concern for this. I've owned a silver S550 and now white and I don't get attention at all. I guess she was right. :)
  8. Did you buy your mustang for a collector car

    I didn't say they would be collector cars. I said I would treat them more like collector cars. (Lower mileage, more attention to cosmetic detail, etc.) I'm not a young person so if I pass the next generation on a really nice example, who knows what it might be worth when they're not making them...
  9. Did you buy your mustang for a collector car

    I don't think a run of the mill S550 like mine is a collector car. When more is known about the S650 I might explore a Mach 1 in one of the new colors or wait and get an S650. I would probably treat either if those more like a collector car.
  10. My 2022 order

    Get what you want. It's easy to just say get everything (401A, B&O, PP1 with magneride, etc.) but there's nothing wrong with sticking to a budget and focusing on what's most important to you.
  11. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    I like the seats, need to sit in one of these babies soon and see if I need to replace seats or the whole car lol
  12. TPMS Sensors and Syncing

    I bought mine on Amazon and they wouldn't sync up. Couldn't get them to sync up with the tool, either. Turned out one was bad. Once all 4 were good they worked without the tool. So basically tool not needed.
  13. Wheel Brands

    They are cast wheels, the cheapest and least durable construction. They also only come in 8.5 inch width for the front. The LMR replicas (S350, R350, SP2, etc.) are flow formed and come in 19x10 square or 19x10, 19x11 staggered.
  14. Wheel Brands

    These Voxx GT500 replicas are flow formed construction, so they should be plenty strong. Not sure about their other wheels, though.
  15. Modifying Exhaust

    Yes, Magnaflow targets that product specifically for people in your situation. I haven't used it myself but I know someone who had a loud muffler delete type catback. He replaced the X-pipe with the Tru-X and is happy. Now, with headers and Roush mufflers your setup still won't be "quiet" but it...
  16. Caliper paint color ideas

    I always notice bright calipers on exotics at car shows. Lambos seem to often have calipers that match the body color.
  17. Modifying Exhaust

    Not with headers and Roush axle backs.