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  1. Road rage incident

    As if driving two inches from my rear tire at 70 MPH in your car isn't dangerous. Fool. Anyway, still following me around posting your illiterate banter I see.
  2. Road rage incident

    40 years of riding. For almost 20 years of that I commuted 140 miles a day 5 days a week, rain or shine. So, yeah - at least a million miles. Accident and ticket free miles at that.
  3. Science is now cancelled?

    Absolutely stunning.
  4. Road rage incident

    OK tough guy.
  5. Road rage incident

    ...Some have missed the 'back in the day' part of my post. You know, before there was an internet and all the associated keyboard tough guys it has spawned. Funny there are also those that don't understand that tailgating a motorcycle at highway speeds is life threatening to the motorcycle...
  6. Road rage incident

    So, tailgating a motorcycle with an automobile isn't moronic and extremely dangerous? I hope you are not one of the car drivers that treats all motorcycle riders like they are in some biker gang and we all should be looked down upon and thought of as a bunch of hooligans splitting lanes...
  7. Introducing Soler Prf. DLX Bluetooth Throttle Controller

    Got mine today - super fast! The thing is tiny...smaller than I realized. Impressive packaging and the controller seems very high quality. Should get it installed in the next couple days and maybe the snow will be gone by then to test it out.
  8. Science is now cancelled?

    We hit one million positives in one day on Monday. Couple more days it's going to be two million. That's official and not any of the at home testing kit numbers. So the actual number is significantly higher.
  9. Are puddle lights standard on the GT?

    When I bought my last Mustang they had it parked right in front of the dealership. When I walked out to the car with the sales guy to take the last walkaround before I drove off I thought it was so cool that they had a reserved spot for parking new Mustangs - they even stencil painted pony logos...
  10. Scratch on Driver's Side Window

    Your personality really shines through in this thread. You think you know so much...and actually know very little and invent the rest. Yawn, indeed. Stop following me around with your ridiculous posts.
  11. Why I will never let dealers and repair shops work on my Mustang!

    You're right. I was thinking brake line.
  12. Scratch on Driver's Side Window

    Sigh. The fact that you don't understand the basics of how insurance deductibles work nor realize that some do not live in KY (where they have special insurance rules most states don't) does not surprise me.
  13. Why I will never let dealers and repair shops work on my Mustang!

    Something like that can kill someone at the track when hot brake fluid sprays all over your tires. It wasn't even a line wrench.
  14. Why I will never let dealers and repair shops work on my Mustang!

    "Return" it to the shop. In the middle of the night, put it through the window.
  15. Ideas for getting ready for first time track days in 2022....

    On my vert it seems OK for me thus far up to 140+. I do have a roll bar for the track.
  16. Science is now cancelled?

    I think the pill pusher got confused. 100% capacity, not 100% of patients have Covid (which is an absurd assumption). We are operating at crisis level standards now in my state. Doesn't matter what conditions the patients have.
  17. Science is now cancelled?

    Which had nothing to do with being proven wrong about your 100% hospital capacity statement. Fact remains, the system is in crisis and it is far from fear mongering to say so as you claim. Your lack of awareness is astounding. You go ahead and keep arguing with yourself about off-topic...
  18. Science is now cancelled?

    What are you talking about? Some old articles from the Atlantic and USA Today prove me all wrong? Specifically how? There was nothing to respond to. Again, you are full of shit when you claimed fear mongering and wanted to know when hospitals were ever at 100%. Data proved you absolutely wrong...
  19. Ideas for getting ready for first time track days in 2022....

    If you value your paint get some track armour.