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  1. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! Have a blessed day.
  2. GT500 GForce Axles now available

    Ken B. just said it was a mistake and they wouldn't be ready until the first quarter '22.
  3. 2022 GT500 in Eruption Green

    You decide.
  4. DCT transmission fluid and filter change

    They haven't returned my emails in 3 weeks. Their website logs every email you send to them and it shows up under your order number. They have ignored everything. Another GT500 owner started a thread about them on the other 500 forum as well so I'm not just the one unlucky customer. My order...
  5. In The News

    Just wait till you have to change the starter, lol.
  6. DCT transmission fluid and filter change

    Be careful of Tasca right now. They aren't returning emails or canceling orders. They also turned off their phone and live chat.
  7. How many miles on your GT500 and what year?!

    About 450 miles and about a month old. :)
  8. GT500 dual clutch tremec auto vs manual trans opinions

    Right. Sometimes we want boring. it's what makes the new Shelby such a great daily driver. It can be whatever we want. I'm tired of fighting a clutch pedal with bad knees in stop and go traffic on long drives. I'm just over it and the "macho" BS that goes with people who think what they...
  9. GT500 dual clutch tremec auto vs manual trans opinions

    If the Dual clutch is boring, you're not driving fast enough.
  10. Four door Mustang?!?

    That Photoshop has the proportions all screwed up. The enormous Mustang front end, which is fine for a 2dr coupe would be horrendous on a 4dr. the car would be 17 feet long and make 70's Lincolns say, "Damn, that's a long boat." To shorten the front, they would have to lose the Coyote for...
  11. 2021 GT500

    "Cash in hand" in an antiquated term with Credit checks and approvals literally take 30 seconds after they put your info in the system. On top of that, some dealers get good incentives from partnership programs so they could make more money on a sale through their banks vs. your pre-approval or...
  12. 2021 GT500

    I bought my AB with a few options at MSRP about 3 weeks ago.
  13. Any chance of a Fighter Jet Gray GT500 in 2022?

    Welcome to cosco, I love you.
  14. Any chance of a Fighter Jet Gray GT500 in 2022?

    Good to know. I should have said, "my Local dealers". I never asked the dealer I bought my car from since the local dealers around me are terrible. I wouldn't mind if they did shut down, lol. There are two dealerships here and then one up in Richmond that all said they didn't know if Ford...
  15. 21 Antimatter Blue CFTP

    I wonder if that PPF could be polished?
  16. Antimatter blue GT500

  17. Any chance of a Fighter Jet Gray GT500 in 2022?

    Do we even know if they are going to be making the GT500 next year? [Edit] My [Local] dealers said they had no idea.
  18. Antimatter Blue, First Drive&Wash

    I didn't want to whore that guys thread but here's some paint shots from today after a wash, before wax.
  19. Antimatter blue GT500

    I think most of the time people will just assume it's black. When I walked up to the car the first time I didn't even think it was mine. "Cool, someone bought a black one." If you're more than 15 feet away, you won't see the blue and if you do it's because God shot you with a cancer beam...