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  1. Iconic R Owners Thread

    Nice altar!
  2. GT500 blower on GT350

    Not sure on the 5.2 but in old DOHC 03-04 Cobra world, you needed to use the complete front dress (timing chain cover along with some bridges and pulleys) in order to install the 03-04 OEM or whipple that used the OEM setup. I went through that and it was doable but a good amount of work and...
  3. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Speaking only from.... a LIFETIME of doing everything from a TB or MAF change (when you're young and poor, you do just those and "TRY" to feel a difference..I was convinced there was a difference! lol) stroker engines, pushrod, DOHC 4.6, nut and bolt coyote/boss builds. When you are...
  4. Shelby Floor mats upon delivery?

    He created some new entries for purchase. He can put your actual number on the emblem - just include it in the notes during the order. GT350 or GT350R. Thanks for turning me on to this - I like it and the seller is very accommodating.
  5. Prices are on the rise......

    Yeah, I haven't been impressed with the numbers for 2019s on cars and bids - will keep watching.
  6. Shelby Floor mats upon delivery?

    Just talked to him as well - he is going to make some R specific ones, if anyone is interested.
  7. Happy New Year!

    Today I will go out of my way to not say anything to hurt any feelings. Happy NY! :)
  8. Prices are on the rise......

    Interesting - I see some laughing but it doesn't seem that bad. A non-R 2017 for a 2022 Mach1 plus cash in the pocket? It comes down to preference for sure but the Mach is a great car and that's not a silly offer IMO.
  9. 1:64 GT350 Track Attack #10

    Yeah not sure. It's super nice and I had to preorder and wait for it. By the time they were available, I think they were all spoken for.
  10. 1:64 GT350 Track Attack #10

    You guys started me hunting - I found this: 1/18 Gt Spirit Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R GT101 Ultra Rare Limited | eBay I have one of these but no box. Are they really worth money now?
  11. Carbon vs. Original Wheel Mounting ?

    Of course the down side is - swapping 4 hubs will run you almost $1000. Guess it depends on how much time you have and if you think you'd ever go back.
  12. Carbon vs. Original Wheel Mounting ?

    I got this from someone else on the forums and it makes sense. If you buy the whole hubs which include the studs, you can switch back without much drama (otherwise have longer studs poking with the stock 350 wheels. Either way, the hubs make it easier than pressing out all the OEM studs...
  13. Car just arrived and Ughhh

    4th gear gave out at delivery? right. Perfect example as to why these services are high risk for performance car enthusiasts. You can surmise that 4th gear was a problem already and they should have caught it...makes you wonder what else isn't checked if they don't even know that all the...
  14. Somebody loved this GT350.......

    At a dealer - and looks like a file photo. If it's black, would be curious of the paint condition at those miles.
  15. Car just arrived and Ughhh

    Yeah someone else reminded me of that. How easy we forget :)
  16. Car just arrived and Ughhh

    For specialty's an old saying that you buy the seller and then the car. All these sellign services seem to go 100% against that. Besides that, they have every incentive to not give you the whole story - they just want to sell the car. I don't see ever buying from a company like this...
  17. Car just arrived and Ughhh

    True - W/shipping blocks.
  18. Car just arrived and Ughhh

    That's how most of our cars made it from the railyard to the dealership. I actually saw my 2016 when it was being transported. No issues.
  19. Anyone trade their GT350R for a Cayman GT4?

    Any talk about building the GT4 along side of the EV 718? I could see that happening for a while.