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  1. Do you actually need the axle thrust washers?

    ^^^ exactly… they must be replaced, ktherwise you’ll end up with all sorts of fault codes and possible drivability issues: Common issues with tire/abs/steering warning light weirdness, check the rear axle thrust washer see here...
  2. Dealing with haze or swirly scratches on the soft plastic of the rear GT panel...

    The 2018+ decklid panel is more susceptible to marring than the prior 2015-17 panels. Here's a DIY thread I put together a while ago for how to remove rear decklid panel scratches or blems:é-scratch-repair-diy.122441/#post-2641817
  3. Anyone know anything about this GT350?

    Is it someone's "mock up" or was that 2017 used in any legitimate Ford Performance events or known road races? I looked up Kohr Motorsports and don't see anything about that car on their website and they have had quite a few road race S550's.
  4. Anyone know anything about this GT350?

    So curious, does anyone know anything about this GT350?
  5. Just bought #7638

    They look good on your Bullitt! Did you get them for a fair price?
  6. Great Video on the Mustang IRS

    Great video and tech - thanks for or sharing!
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    What kind of rear exhaust is that with the collectors in place?? Can you explain more about it?
  8. How did you spend this freezing winter day?

    Ah… for some on this floating rock, it would be a good idea… :devil:
  9. Extended warranty racket

    Didn’t your Salesman explain that such an extended warranty also inflated your amount financed (if financed)? So just an FYI, take a peek in your S550 Owner’s Manual and see what the Ford Warranties actually cover - quite a bit in fact…. What is important about a warranty isn’t always what it...
  10. 1993 Fox Mustang SVT Cobras @ Mecum

    Is there something in the water, are people going totally bonkers in this COVID environment? (2) 1993 Fox Mustang SVT Cobras (1 Black, 1 Red) went for $100k…. These are NOT the 1993 Cobra R, these were 2 “standard” 1993 Cobras…. What makes someone pay $60k+ over the current street value of...
  11. Power Seats

    Welcome to the site… just an FYI, you posted in the GT350 sub-forum…. 🙂 Not sure if these threads will help, but the first I have linked jumps to another with many links. Go to this post, then to the links within it for a ton of seat swap info (as well as going from non-power to power and...
  12. Mecum brings huge numbers for GT350R Prototype

    THAT Shelby is the one and only “Flying Mustang” and everyone who can remember or has seen pics of it, will tell you it’s not just the fact that Ken Miles drove it, it was the introduction to Shelby and the GT350, period…. This is what folks remember of THAT Shelby, and it’s every bit of...
  13. Changing valve body startegy in forscan

    Great info - thank you! So one more question, do you know if by doing that via Forscan, that the version being downloaded is pulling the most recent trans software that would be the same done by dealer via IDS?
  14. Rear Pinion Flange bolts loose

    Does it state in the Ford Shop Manual those bolts are single use only? That's news to many if it is, because on prior Mustangs, these bolts have always been reusable if removed.
  15. Changing valve body startegy in forscan

    @andrewtac Can you elaborate on the Forscan steps or provide screen images of how to do it? The only info we had to date was what was supplied here on Page 1, Post 1, Fact #3...
  16. How much life did you get out of the stock P Zero summers?

    Brand new, or even 20k-30k miles of wear, they will get through snow, using the "snow mode" feature of the S550 and driving with common sense. The PZero compound does get hard due to colder weather; owner's manual states not to drive on them when temps are 45* or below... but that's not to say...
  17. The white rectangular "block" is back...

    Per the other thread ("ads at bottom") that was closed @Jarstang, just FYI the solid white rectangular block is back again. It was fixed and gone, but it's back as of this afternoon.
  18. How much life did you get out of the stock P Zero summers?

    2018; currently @ 39k on the factory PZeros... used in all seasons here in NJ and were rotated at each 5k service interval. Yes, there's still tread left...
  19. How well does a stock PP1 1080r Mustang do at a Road Course event?

    Ahhhh..... ok, wrong track... LOL Reach out to @Flyhalf, he's been road course tracking his 10R80 equipped S550 for quite some time now. He's a great M6G Member with actual road course track experience with 10R80.