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  1. 18+ GT Performance Tune Pac

    Fueling is not changed with the tune over stock, they both run the same exact lambda. The formula is stoich (14.08) * lambda, so at full throttle you should be in the mid to high 11s AFR. Have you logged it throughout a WOT run to see that it doesn't go into power enrich? It takes a bit of time...
  2. What can I do as a customer @ a Ford dealership for warranty repairs taking 4-6 weeks?

    It sounds like his car already broke, so it's not driveable. And the OP's issue is not the diagnosis itself, it's getting to even be seen for a diagnosis. I assume a car that doesn't move forward in any gear is a pretty cut and dry diagnosis, however he needs to be seen for that diagnosis to...
  3. I am kicking myself for not moving the cabinet...

    There's literally a 400 page thread on just this exact topic going on 6+ years. So don't worry, you're not the only one.
  4. What can I do as a customer @ a Ford dealership for warranty repairs taking 4-6 weeks?

    In his post, he mentions already asking for a loaner and getting denied. The dealer is under no obligation to give you a loaner everytime your car breaks down unless a warranty repair is approved.
  5. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    It's a beauty, no doubt!
  6. Question about rev limiter

    The stock limiter is at around you're not going any higher than what the Ford engineers believe is safe and warrantable for this engine. As long as you don't live at 7400 and you don't continuously bang off the rev limiter, you should be fine. High quality synthetic oil changed...
  7. Anyone ever use this brand 5w50 oil?

    What's that got that makes it "better" than other brands? I'm looking to step up to a better oil for road racing so your post piqued my interest (insert DjangoLeoDicaprio.gif)
  8. Anyone ever use this brand 5w50 oil?

    Liqui Moly is a very high quality and popular brand of oil, especially in the racing world. It's a little bit tougher to get in the US, so probably why you don't see it alot.
  9. Center cap don’t fit

    Here’s another question is there any movement at all between the hub on the wheel and the hub on the rotor? Even if it’s 1/16 or a 32nd? The reason I ask is because the rings that the wheel manufacturer sent me they seem like they need persuasion to get over the hub on the rotor I didn’t want...
  10. 415 whp 415 torque e85 only good or bad?

    That *seems* low, but then again dynos can vary wildly. I've seen stock cars put down more power than that. and I've seen E85 cars put down 460-480. I wouldn't worry too much about numbers but more how it feels and performs.
  11. Stock 2016 mustang GT premium rotor

    The caliper bolts are the same. Just make sure to re-apply blue loctite on them if you're going to reuse. Otherwise it's #10 here...
  12. Stock 2016 mustang GT premium rotor

    Yes, you just need the correct hardware and wheels that will clear the larger calipers. You can also go with a GT350 caliper and either 15" or 15.5" rotors pretty easily, but again those require wheels that clear them.
  13. Rotors and pads for daily driving and light track use?

    For light duty track work, there's nothing wrong with OEM PP rotors/pads and good fluid. I'd stick with OEM unless you have a very good reason as to why those do not meet the needs...which again I don't see how those won't at your level.
  14. Steeda Tune for 10-speed

    Sure the car is going to react, that's expected at this level of performance But purposely adding a feature that makes it *more* out of control is not something I or many would want IMO. I personally want smooth, consistent and predictable power delivery especially during shifts...not jarring...
  15. Steeda Tune for 10-speed

    I guess when you're trying to drive around like a gorilla on the street, that's "cool". At a drag strip or road course, the last thing you want is to break loose your tires on every shift and start to lose control. Spinning ain't winning.
  16. Steeda Tune for 10-speed

    Is that a good/desirable thing nowadays?
  17. Mach 1 Hitch for Tire Trailer

    Quite literally. That's why they call them Massholes.
  18. 10.5" up front

    You'll need some sort of spacer as those would rub on the strut. And you'll also need some sort of hub ring to makeup the difference in hub bore. Not that crazy stuff, but I honestly would not want to do all that just to put them on unless you're getting these for free. There's plenty of wheels...
  19. 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheel Obsession

    The GT and Mach have the same exact fender (save for the little fender lip thing), so they will fit on your GT virtually the same as on the Mach.