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  1. to sell car or to fix evaporated

    Mine went out about 2 years into owning my new 2016 ecoboost, car was still well within warranty period, took into dealer had it fixed instantly for $0, its been great ever since through the hot weather here in Florida. The cost the dealer covered was about $1,800 TC
  2. Tire Dressings-which ones?

    Looks like I will try Chemical Guys VRP, it better not sling or else, lol. TC
  3. Recommend me a set of tires

    Hmm, not sure about these comments on the Continental Extreme Contact DW's, the tires have no handling ability to them at all, car even wallows on them switching lanes. So switching them out to Continental Extreme Contact Sports, they have 86% more sidewall stiffness than the DW's with only a...
  4. Recommend me a set of tires

    Just a couple of short trips on the new tires so far, excellent ride, very grippy, very quiet and being all season should be better in rain than my old Firehawk Indy 500's and of course the new tires have 50K warranty where the old ones had none. That being said I have noticed that the new...
  5. Recommend me a set of tires

    Going with a set of Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 + tires. Supposedly a ultra performance all season 50000 mile warranty tire, we shall see. A set a four installed for about $740 at Discount Tire, I was told by my previous tire store that the car was pretty nicely out of alignment...
  6. Recommend me a set of tires

    tire size is 235/50R 18"
  7. Recommend me a set of tires

    I just got back from the tire store to have my tires rotated and they are at the expiration for tread, need to get a new set, what do you people recommend? The set that is worn out at 25,000 miles are Firestone Firehawk Indy 500's on a 2016 2.3L Stang which has been lowered and modified a bit...
  8. got windshield washer fluided again

    Some dope in a little ford escape apparently thought I was driving to close behind him, which I was not, and dosed me with windshield wiper fluid , these people are sad. Got an opening and blew past the guy while giving him a little honk, now I am going to have to take 2 minutes out of my life...
  9. The First One On The Block

    Arrg!, it's a decent vehicle but it has no business using the Mustang name. TC
  10. Which mod should i go with first

    On my ecoboost, lowered sport suspension and great tires made all the difference, completely transformed the car.
  11. 2021 Camaro production stopped. Camaro can’t get a break!

    Just another excuse for another manufacture to make even more under performing over priced trucks, one of the biggest scams ever unleased on to the american buying public. Because you know, somehow a $70,000 pickup truck that the majority of owners never take off road or never haul anything of...
  12. Nice little beach beetle

    Snapped in the Palm Coast, Florida walmart parking lot this morning.
  13. Three Amigos?

    Saw two stangs parked with a space between them, looked like a picture opportunity, so snapped it, lol.
  14. Which gas do you guys use?

    Premium will certainly give the ecoboost a slight boost, however in my opinion it's not really worth the extra money. Then again if I had more money coming in then yes I would always run premium. TC
  15. Where to put It

    My machine gun is mounted on the roof, it's feed ammo through a hole I cut in the roof. Some people say its a bit much, I say stop being such a baby! TC
  16. What if your Mustang was totaled today?

    lol, it's like asking vegetarians if they like vegetables. TC
  17. Recall announced on 2-19-21

    Ford announced a recall of over 154,000 vehicles in North America due to older air bags that have the potential to explode on Thursday. More than 153,000 of the affected vehicles are 2004 to 2006 Ford Ranger trucks, with the manufacturer looking to find 45 missing and potentially dangerous...
  18. Any one Else have PMS today?

    Both, lol TC
  19. other hobbies/passions other than the mustang?

    No band, I am a slow learner, lol. Got most of the chords figured out, got my tones dialed into the amp, got many riffs practiced, now just need to put it all together and play some actual songs, I will get there eventually, lol. TC
  20. other hobbies/passions other than the mustang?

    My hobby is to go down to the rail tracks and look for hobos to tip over. Seriously though my main passion now is playing the guitar, got into it about a year ago and cant put the thing down, lol. TC