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  1. NDALLAS40

    Meetups or events going on?

    Check the app PARK UP FRONT, and enter Dallas in the search box. BANG, there you have it.
  2. NDALLAS40

    Dallas shop for MGW shifter install?

    Nice car. I can agree with the first recommendation of MidwayJ, which is Kyle Farmuh. (Farmuh Performance). He does just about any Mustang upgrade you want, and does it right. I've had my GT350 for 4 years and trust him 100% with it. That's saying something because I won't take it back to a...
  3. NDALLAS40

    Car and Driver Sends The GT350R Off With a Farewell Review

    I have a 2016 that has used about a 2 quarts in 25K miles. Total.
  4. NDALLAS40

    2020 GT500 vs C8 vs 911 track comparison review by Edmunds

    I would have to go for the 2022 ZO6. It's going to have McLaren performance at less than half the money. My GT350 is not a GT500, but I can wait a few years for a good used one. I've owned 2 911's, one was turbo. The best two cars I've ever owned.
  5. NDALLAS40

    Seven 2020 GT500s out together! (video)

    Eagles Canyon is good too. They even have free instructors.
  6. NDALLAS40

    Seven 2020 GT500s out together! (video)

    We hope to see you at MSR in Cresson soon to see what it does on the track!
  7. NDALLAS40

    Seven 2020 GT500s out together! (video)

    A few years ago, we managed to fit 22 GT350's in that very same hangar. Every color under the rainbow. The owner of that hangar lost his '16 GT350 in a fire back in 2018. As you can see, he bounced right back.
  8. NDALLAS40

    Is there any way to display coolant temp?

    I was thinking the same thing. We pray for an 80 degree day around here!
  9. NDALLAS40

    When to get first oil change? (I have a 2020)

    Hard core owners will do the first one right away. Like 50 to 100 miles at most. Then do another one at around 1000. Be sure to send in a sample for analysis from that second oil change.
  10. NDALLAS40

    2 Weeks with the GT350

    Congrats and welcome to the club. One little piece of advice: Make sure you have decent tires on the first time you track it. Or any track day for that matter. Ask me how I know.
  11. NDALLAS40

    Bought used 2016 GT350. Question on Admin Keys

    You scored dude! Only a tad over 5K on the clock, hell it's just barely broken in! (Unless it has been tracked). Check your tread wear for that answer. When I picked up my 2016, 4 1/2 years ago, It came with two fobs, each of which has a "blade" inside of the fob transmitter itself. The...
  12. NDALLAS40

    Dipstick hard to read

    For how much coin we shelled out, it should be a dry sump with an oil level window right up front! The drain plug is a joke also. Oh well......
  13. NDALLAS40

    Well.... I'm back in a Mustang. Its a Black Beauty 2020 GT500

    Thanks. Big Worm Graphix did the stripes 4 years ago, both colors. Next best thing to painted stripes. Good catch on the calipers, I can barely see them myself from that angle!
  14. NDALLAS40

    Well.... I'm back in a Mustang. Its a Black Beauty 2020 GT500

    Welcome back David. My Mustang is black also. Let's do a swap sometime.
  15. NDALLAS40

    Weird Stereo Glitch...

    It's been 4 years since I turned off that piped in noise using the Forscan software and an OBD2 scanner thingy. If you don't turn it off, it will always fuck with your audio in a bad way. The stock audio in the 350 is bad enough already without the "enhancement". There's a sticky thread in...
  16. NDALLAS40

    Audio installation DFW

    A little late since your post, but if you still need an audio store, Earmark Audio on Parker in Plano is rock solid. Tons of experience and they do it all.
  17. NDALLAS40

    GT500 CFTP 1/4 mile runs!

    Right you are Serpent! That difference in the DA and the track temp. is at least .5 sec and it could be as much as a full sec. difference. I still want that R sitting you've got just sitting in the garage gathering dust. LOL.
  18. NDALLAS40

    DIY oil change (2019 GT350 oil light on is on)

    I sure as hell did. Sorry about that. I better get some sleep.
  19. NDALLAS40

    DIY oil change (2019 GT350 oil light on is on)

    Good luck with that.
  20. NDALLAS40

    DIY oil change (2019 GT350 oil light on is on)

    I'm just going by my supplementthat that came in all '15 and '16 GT350's. It didn't occur to me that it might be different 3 years later. My bad. You're right about the whole oil thing being nuts. Imagine what we went through with in those first few months with no clue. Another big issue...