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  1. DXB_5.0

    Ohio ARH full exhaust system

    Would you be willing to sell the headers with the connection pipes separately?
  2. DXB_5.0

    Texas sold

  3. DXB_5.0

    California WTB: Kooks , ARH, Corsa Headers, 1in wheel spacers, Euro clear taillights, coilovers

    Interested in buying any of the following parts: - Kooks headers (with connection pipes) - American Racing headers - Corsa Headers - 1in wheel spacers - Euro clear taillights - Coilovers please PM or comment if any of these parts are available
  4. DXB_5.0

    New York 2017 Kooks/Roush catback Manual Mustang GT premium in Race Red w/ 22,721 miles!

    Would you be open to sale the Headers separately?
  5. DXB_5.0

    P0315 Code after uploading Lund tune

    Yeah I did, but the light stayed on. I think my only option right now is to try the crank relearn
  6. DXB_5.0

    P0315 Code after uploading Lund tune

    Even though my check engine light is on ?
  7. DXB_5.0

    P0315 Code after uploading Lund tune

    Hello, I uploaded a Lund custom tune on to my 2017 Mustang GT and my check engine light came on with the code p0315, is it safe to drive? (The car feels fine no hiccups or anything) And can I do a crank re learn using my SCT X4 even though I still have the Lund tune uploaded ? any feedback is...
  8. DXB_5.0

    California WTB: ARH or Kooks headers for 2017 Mustang GT

    Looking for ARH or Kooks headers (piping included) for my 2017 Mustang Gt performance package.
  9. DXB_5.0

    Tennessee Texas Speed Headers

    Still available? And I was just wondering if that setup would fit on a svt xpipe
  10. DXB_5.0

    JLT Carbon intake not included in the SCT X4 tuner

    Hello, I recently purchased a JLT Hydrocarbon intake and a SCT X4 tuner for my 2017 Mustang GT Performance Package, and I noticed that when you are selecting the intake airbox from the tuner before you program the car that only the JLT Plastic was on there and there wasnt a JLT Carbon option...
  11. DXB_5.0

    Official S550 Mustang Owners Registry

    64. DXB_5.0 (GT, Magnetic) - 11.21.19, CA
  12. DXB_5.0

    GT SCT X4 Tuner ( Bama)

    All good :thumbsup: Thank you
  13. DXB_5.0

    Pennsylvania SCT X4 brand new never used

    Still available ?
  14. DXB_5.0

    Oregon SCT X4 Tuner

    Still available ?
  15. DXB_5.0

    GT SCT X4 Tuner ( Bama)

    still available ??
  16. DXB_5.0

    California OEM Front Grille W/ Pony (Perfect Condition)

    I’m talking to someone in my PMs about it, I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work out
  17. DXB_5.0

    California OEM Front Grille W/ Pony (Perfect Condition)

    Selling my OEM front grille since I purchased a RTR Grille. Flawless condition, asking for 100$ with shipping (80$ if you pick it up)
  18. DXB_5.0

    GT OEM Mustang Shift Knob

    Used OEM shifter perfect condition. Asking $30 shipped
  19. DXB_5.0

    Arizona Sct tuner unmarried

    Still available?