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    Who has found the biggest ADM on a GT500?

    So my 25K Arrogant Dealer Markup was ok? What the hell and some how I feel better? Nope. I did get 4 "free" dinners from their overpriced bistro, so I got that going for me. I'm gunna get the 25 dollar shrimp cocktail, that'll show them.

    Who built your motor??

    Tom, real happy you are getting it sorted out and I know you pain is real. I had a 2010 Camaro with problem after problem and most of its miles were on a flat bed. I invoked the California Lemon Law and shoved that Inferno Orange poker right up Chebbys Arse and refused to sign their...

    Mustang Brake Recall

    I ran my vin, negative and no surprise after reading most of the posts. One bit of confusion is, why do the standard and sport pedal parts have the same part number? Sorry if it was answered and I just missed it. EDIT: I re-read Chairmans post with the .PDF on page 6 and the last digit changes...

    Who built your motor??

    Did Stevie build Toms car? Too soon?

    2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    NOW THAT IS A PROPER COLOR! :rockon: Warpath knows whats up and Loudmouth approves

    stumbled upon a GT500 opportunity

    Crack kills Tom

    stumbled upon a GT500 opportunity

    Ron, most of the gents that chimed in about color have brain damage. A shame really because they seem nice. The choice is obvious, Grabber Lime.

    2020 GT500 Tire Leak

    At 1000 mi. I caught a nail in the drivers rear. I was told by the shop that it was NOT patchable and $460.00 later, I have a new sawhorse or foot stool or end table. I can't decide. Post up your ideas. Winner gets a tuna sammich.

    How Many Others Have a November 2020 Build Date?

    Scott, my wife is fully aware of the redhead in the Kilobravo work of art. KB made that for me based on a dream, nailed it! I have mention this before but the avatar reminds me how lucky I am. The redhead takes me back to when my wife and I were just married (23NOV1985) and she was the...
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    How Many Others Have a November 2020 Build Date?

    HK, the 23rd will be 35 years of marriage to the amazing woman who gifted me my GT500. A great day for us all. Congrats and post em up!
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    How many 2020 GT500 guys are members of this forum?

    Pete, what an amazingly low number (I was going to say prime, but) and which part Newsome's Sanitorium are you located. I have heard rumors of a low number 500 near me but is rarely driven. North-East Kern co. Congrats on your car.
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    Fred, did you find out who the group was and thanks for the pics. Next week may be cool also.
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    MOAR fred!!!!
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    Fred are you talking about the Cobra Club run what ya brung on the 24th?
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    huh.. head of QC and ISO 9001 lead.
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    Wonky back-up camera

    Wow, when I started this thread, I had no idea how deep the problem would go. Waiting for my 2 recall notices, I guess we will have 2 turkeys for Thanksgiving :frown:
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    Looking for a car @90k Otd or less.

    Your diligence paid off Kody, happy for you. :rockon:
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    Trip/Fuel Failure?

    Sorry to hear that Kent, no problem with Loudmouth yet on her puter but after reading all the threads of FAIL and upcoming recalls with our cars, very worrisome indeed. Do what you can and can what you do! Edit: I love the shot of your wife with that look of "are we really doing this?". I...
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    Ford... What is your problem? GT500 owners, you need to read these quality control issues...

    Wow Tom, just wow. Thank you for bringing this to us as I know It must kill you to have to retell your horror stories and then add chapters. :angry: FORD
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    I got the fever...

    No C, this is random.