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  1. Hattrick

    2020 Mustang EcoBoost Premium vs 2021 Toyota GR Supra 2.0

    I could live we the Camaro if didnt have the gunport windshield. We have three mustangs in the family. A 2014 is the oldest and has the largest windshield and fwd field of view. The s550s windshield and field of view is much smaller when sitting in them back to back. But nowhere as extreme as...
  2. Hattrick

    California Guages

    Cant find much cheaper than this will do $50 shipped! PM please
  3. Hattrick

    Intense vibrations at all speeds while accelerating

    Replaced the driveshaft with a one piece aluminum one on our 15 gt. Very hard to torque the fasteners without special sockets / tools , no problems or vibrations after
  4. Hattrick

    Those with new exhaust - what are you doing with your factory catback?

    Dumpster along with the plastic engine and valve covers and sound tube assy
  5. Hattrick

    California White Shift Knob

    Gt350 Shift Knob perfect condition $50
  6. Hattrick

    California Guages

    PP1 guages off 18 GT perfect condition $50
  7. Hattrick

    California 15-17 manual steering wheel

    Gt wheel in great condition. $40.
  8. Hattrick

    California Gt 350 Shift knob

    Mint factory weighted shift knob off low mile 2017 Shelby. $70 shipped. PM if interest thx
  9. Hattrick

    California Ford Perf towhooks

    Sold thx
  10. Hattrick

    California FP Frt and RR towhooks

    Please update as sold, thx
  11. Hattrick

    California FP Frt and RR towhooks

    Ford Performance fr rr towhooks, new complete. $100, pm if interest, thx
  12. Hattrick

    California Ford Perf frt/rear towhooks

    Price reduction $100! Pm if interest
  13. Hattrick

    California Ford Perf frt/rear towhooks

    New in box front and rear towhooks, instructions and hardware $120 shipped
  14. Hattrick

    California Ford Perf towhooks

    New front and rear hooks, instructions and hardware $120 shipped thx
  15. Hattrick

    California Michelin Sportcup2 tires FS

    Weekend bump
  16. Hattrick

    GT 2015 Gt manual steering wheel

    Weekend bump 40 plus ship