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  1. If You Could Do It Over Again

    I am happy with what I got, stole the car from the dealership, got 30% off sticker. I wanted a few other things like the memory seats, and the Better Shaker system are probably my biggest regret for not getting, but otherwise the Shaker stereo I have is fine, and using the switch to move my...
  2. No one likes my 2018 GT

    I never get anyone trying to race me in my 2016 RS3... But my wife in her 2005 4.0, all the time people revving engines etc... I suspect they know they might be on the losing end, so why bother.
  3. 2020 Mustang EcoBoost Premium vs 2021 Toyota GR Supra 2.0

    This article just makes no sense at all... Almost like they had 2 test drives, neither were worthy of a complete article, so they just threw them together in one piece... Like we noticed that they did not use the same roads or anything for a comparison... Agreed, GM really got it wrong with...
  4. 2020 Ford Mustang Recall! Brake pedal bracket could snap during sudden braking

    If they started using them starting in March of 2019, thru August 13, 2020, that would mean that some 2019's should be included... Or was 2019 a short year? Or maybe it was supposed to be March 4, 2020?
  5. 'Eleanor' Mustang Tribute Build Seized by Gone in 60 Seconds Trademark Holder

    That is the million Dollar question... If you get a letter stating to cease and desist, then you just change the name to Elizibeth (Eleanor's Bad Ass sister)
  6. Weird Insurance situation - if anyone can exp

    I would never use Progressive. I had really good insurance from Hanover, but this year they doubled my premium, they could not explain it either. I sent ment my current (2019-2020) plan to other insurance companies, to show my current coverage to get a competitive quote, Progressive, Geico and...
  7. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    This is going to get worse!!! I started looking at other Ford cars, and look at the 2020 Ford Explorer, there are 3 fuses attached to the Telematics! 2 - Moonroof. ERA-GLONAS. eCall. Telematics control unit module. Inverter. Driver door switch pack. 8 - Telematics control unit...
  8. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    From my understanding the "Black Box" only records data for a short time before it is over written. So if you are in an accident it can pull the previous few moments of data so they can determine things such as your speed, whether or not you hit the brakes etc. It would also protect Ford in...
  9. Weird Insurance situation - if anyone can exp

    More or less, Geico is telling you to go shop elsewhere for insurance. That is what you do to customers that you no longer want on the books...
  10. Weird Insurance situation - if anyone can exp

    My insurance doubled this past year and they could not explain it to me either. I called and asked what the problem was and they basically said I had too many claims. I had 7 claims in the past 12 years I was with the company. None of them were accidents caused by me or my family, they were...
  11. new car on dealer with 1052 miles.

    The Sport literally has every available option on it, I think except for the cargo area cover. Take an ST or a Sport for a drive, it is a fun grocery getter... We were traveling on a 2 lane highway with a speed limit of 65, there were 3 cars in front of me and they were all bunched up going...
  12. new car on dealer with 1052 miles.

    I got 30% off both of my last 2 NEW cars... My 2016 Mustang GT Roush RS3, had 111 miles on it and I bought it in August 2017. Our 2018 Ford Edge Sport had 2600 miles on it, and we bought it in December of 2019. The edge we are the first owners, as per the title. The Mustang I am technically...
  13. Bait-N-Switch

    By chance Was this Fox Ford Chicago?
  14. Is it me? Have used GT350 price jumped up lately?

    You can buy a new 2020 GT350 for $1000 off sticker at in Michigan... I have nothing to do with them other than I noticed their Ad.
  15. 2021 Mustang Ordering / Production Dates

    There does not appear to be a "Refresh" for anything other than the Mach 1. From the few 2021's I have seen running around there was nothing significantly different about it I have a picture of a HP 2.3L I will upload. It is in the new Yellow color
  16. Are you gonna trade your current mustang in when the s650 comes out?

    1988 Honda Accord LXi 17.5 Second 1/4 Mile 2020 Honda Accord EX: 15.9 1/4 Mile Roughly a 10% improvement in 1/4 mile times 1988 GT Coupe 15.0 Second 1/4 Mile 2020 GT Coupe 12.2 Second 1/4 Mile 2020 BASE 2.3L Turbo 13..7 1/4 Mile An Improvement of 20% in 1/4 mile times A 2015+ Base Ecoboost...
  17. Are you gonna trade your current mustang in when the s650 comes out?

    I like my car, so I have no plans on trading it in or selling it when the S650 comes out... With that said it might change when I see it....
  18. what's the going rate for an oil change at a dealership?

    Not a GT500, but they charged me $110 for a Full synthetic on my 2016 RS3 GT, and took my wife's Edge 2.7" AWD Sport in and they only charged me $50 for hers... It seems a tad steep, even for a full synthetic oil change... 10 quarts of Mobil 1 at WalMart locally is about $50.
  19. Does getting a 20 when you have a 15 auto make sense?

    It is a matter of fact that you will save money in the long run if you never get the extended warranty. More or less, look into an extended warranty and set that amount aside, and over time you will make money... Sometimes you lose, but ultimately you will win. Of course if you drive your car...