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  1. Formula 1 talk.

    So if you watch closely, Max moved to the right side and as Lewis got closer he drifted back to the middle of the track...Lewis had to go evasive left to try to minimize the accident but still could not get around him. Drivers of this caliber know when they have been brake checked....happens...
  2. Formula 1 talk.

    Crazy race...very enjoyable. I do think there should have been a penalty that mattered for the brake check though. That is blatant.
  3. Formula 1 talk.

    Just gonna comment on this line. You seriously think Bottas could have kept him from passing anyways? If Max could not you know Bottas could not.
  4. Formula 1 talk.

    It is amazing. Whether you like Hamilton or not, he and Bottas have the same car and Bottas does not deliver like Hamilton does.
  5. Formula 1 talk.

    Totally agree with @Bikeman315 No matter what he feels towards anyone, his job was to keep the racing line which he gave up instantly...and it was not his first time giving up positions to Max with little effort.
  6. Formula 1 talk.

    Not looking good for Mercedes....Bottas seems to never catch a break.
  7. Formula 1 talk.

    You seriously have to put the last name next time....not the Max we mostly know.
  8. Formula 1 talk.

    As should be obvious, Mercedes did not build their car for Monaco...they built it to win the whole championship which they have been successful every year so far in the hybrid area. Monaco is a small blip on the overall season. Max knows this which is why he underplays it.
  9. Formula 1 talk.

    Always easy to be Monday morning strategist. Woulda coulda shoulda never happened.
  10. Empire is not the best star wars movie. Why is it everyone always parroting that it is?

    For me the original three will be the best...but I do love Mandolorian. Rogue One was a breath of fresh air after so many dissapointments.
  11. Formula 1 talk.

    It was over at that point. If they had pitted he would have come out behind Hamilton. And MB had better pace on the medium tires all there was no hope.
  12. Formula 1 talk.

    I do find it ironic that RB complained about the track limits to stop MB and then they lose due to track limits. Fantastic race though. This season is going to be fun.
  13. Anime

    Wow, you have lots of great Anime to watch...almost jealous as it is awesome. So to give you others I love: Ghost in the Shell (movies and TV series) Vampire Hunter D The Misfit of Demon King Academy The 8th Son Are You Kidding Me Akame Ga Kill (2014) To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Blue...
  14. Anime

    Lol, there are so many to list along with favorites from years past. Attack on Titan especially the first two seasons. Fate Grand Order Series One Punch Man Rise of the Shield Hero Yu Yu Hakusho Seven Deadly Sins Just to name a few off my head....
  15. Anime

    So as a fan of Anime, I will say it is definitely hit or miss...but some of it is the best animation/story lines you will ever watch.
  16. Formula 1 talk.

    Looks like LH is back....I'm glad he is okay but really was looking forward to another mix up like last week.
  17. Formula 1 talk.

    Bottas is proof it is not just the car...Russel is proof you have to have the car. I'm positive Max in a Merc would be unbelievable....and that's from a LH fan.
  18. Random thoughts.......................

    The moment you realize if they really cared about traffic accidents they would extend the yellow.....and then think about the loss in ticket revenue. 🤔