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  1. How much difference does a supercharger make ?

    Drag radials and modulating the throttle.
  2. SC for Daily Driven '19 A10: Whipple or Vortech ?

    I concur with this. I have an Edelbrock Stage 2 (Lund tuned) with the A10 and 3.55s and it's a handful in the lower gears. It's a blast from a roll, but difficult to launch.
  3. Best option for 50 state legal and warranty?

    Screw the warranty. It’s not worth it for the canned tune that is terrible. I’m in CA and have an Edelbrock Stage 2 with Lund tune. To pass smog, all I have to do is reload the Edelbrock tune. Roush and Whipple canned tunes are slightly better, but still not worth it in my opinion.
  4. Which drop springs for blower setup?

    They’re 19 inch wheels and it rides better than stock.
  5. Which drop springs for blower setup?

    I’m running the BMR min drop (SP763) on my 20 GT with an Edelbrock and it sits pretty level.
  6. Project 6GR delivery delays

    Nice. It looks good.
  7. Project 6GR delivery delays

    I’m running BMR min drop springs and the stance is just right and handles great.
  8. Reputable shop for ac evaporator replacement

    Try Papini's Garage in Temecula. They're a great bunch of guys that do awesome work.
  9. 2016 Shelby GT350R 1200R Twin Turbo | 1200 whp

    Lol. True statement, but very nice build.
  10. My DREAM Cosmetic Setup!

    I’m going to have it painted locally. You can get both sides done for a lot less than Cervini charges and they have your car to match the paint.
  11. My DREAM Cosmetic Setup!

    First world problems. I have the blower, so the hood is definitely next!
  12. My DREAM Cosmetic Setup!

    I like everything except the corner pockets. I did the Cervini grilles and now I’m contemplating their GT500 hood to go with it.
  13. Worth getting a custom tune

    Custom tune is absolutely worth it. You can always turn down the boost with a larger blower pulley and run some octane booster for safety. It will likely still make more power, have much better throttle response, and be safer.
  14. KB 2018+ kit on FB

    I’ve had a good experience with KB blowers in the past, but that looks like a hot mess.
  15. Rousch Phase 2 or Edelbrock Stage 2?

    I have the Edelbrock Stage 2 and if the warranty is important to you, the Roush Phase 2 may be the better option. I'm sure the Roush canned tune isn't great, but I can tell you from experience that the Edelbrock canned tune required to keep the warranty is complete trash.
  16. 2018-20 Mustang Front Grille

    I try to stay out of jail these days, but I'm glad that I installed them! They just take some maneuvering to get them to line up. Also, I had to pull the bumper in while pushing outward with the belly pan to get all 19 bolts to line up underneath.
  17. 2018-20 Mustang Front Grille

    I did install them, but not sure they’re necessary.
  18. 2018-20 Mustang Front Grille

    I just did the Cervini’s upper and lower.
  19. 10R80 something wrong or normal behavior?

    I think it definitely helped because there is a new shift strategy, but I would check the fluid first which is a PITA.