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  1. HP Tire Size Options and Brand Recommendations

    The recommended diameter difference on another tyre size is max 3%. Tyre diameter changes with wear so there is some toleration, but more than 3% is not recommended. What all can get affected and in what way on this particular car is for more experienced users to say. If you don't care about...
  2. Mach 1 winter wheels

    Great choice for winter wheels, they look magnificent on your car.
  3. HP Tire Size Options and Brand Recommendations

    For us non-HP, 295/35 R19 all around fixes the too big diameter difference. I'm opting for 285/35 in the front so the poke isn't as big and also 295/35 PS4S are with compound specifically made for Mercedes rear wheels (but others use them on the front). 305/35 R19 all around would work too...
  4. 2021 Mach 1 Tuning

    I got this info regarding tune for EU Mach 1/Bullitt: "430 whp which is cca 510 hp at the engine". So they tune EU model to similar power that US model has stock. Got chart for manual Bullitt showing 430 whp, but not before/after... They didn't do any 10R80 Mach 1 yet considering how few got...
  5. Anyone have the standard seats in their 2021 Mach 1 and thoughts?

    I concur that the standard seats are great to sit in, great to look at too (in leather). Heating and ventilation is a great thing to have too.
  6. New 2021 BMW M4 manual.

    My problem with BMW or Audi is that all models look very similar and the streets and roads are crawling with them, they're too damn ordinary looking cars. Ofc M3/M4 is very rare but they just look too close. Mustang on the other hand, it's a rare spectacle to see, and even nicer to hear...
  7. I love the mustang…but…

    Not quite. My Mach 1's dashboard also rattles from the passengers side. But it's minor issue, will talk with dealer about it next year. Doesn't bother me much at all, everything else is perfect, the engine, exhaust, performance and the whole exteriour is a real marvel. People need to try to tame...
  8. Show off your Mach 1 pics here You can continue on page 32 😁
  9. Fighter Jet Grey vs Iconic Silver

    That's definitely not correct. Check the official order guide on page 28 here:
  10. First mods to your Mach 1

    Looking good. Kinda makes the wheels get lost in the blackness but you probably wanted that look, all black wheels do it. Are you planning to replace the lug nuts with black ones too? :) Good pics of the poke, I'll do the same photos with 285 front 295 rear in the spring and see how much it...
  11. Initial Oil Change thoughts?

    I'm gonna let the dealer do the initial change at 2000 miles (at 1300 miles now) in the spring and install the oil separator while it's there. Purely as a precaution since Fordpass shows 85% oil life still left.
  12. 2021 Mach 1 floor and trunk mats

    Nope, the velour mats don't ave any logo, also rear mats and trunk are missing. Gotta figure something out next year too, but now way it'll be the rubber mats :giggle:
  13. Franklin Mint

    Model in red arrived, it looks absolutely stunning. Everything is so detailed, precise, it's heavy too. 079/999 😁
  14. glaze, sealant, and wax job, safe to wax plastic metallic grey spoiler?

    It remains matte, not glossy in any way on my car after ceramics on the hood stripe. It'll be the same for matte paint on the spoiler or near brake ducts. Those can be waxed too. The other unpainted plastic parts need to be avoided at all costs (especially with carnauba waxes etc), best to use...
  15. HP Wheels must go!

    250$... I think you lost one zero when you want forged rims 😁
  16. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Thanks. It's the colour, it emphesizes the gloss nicely. Full wrap. Incl. matte PPF on mirrors, brake ducts and spoiler. The tape is there. I asked him and he said they re-used the 3M tape, that it was still sticking. I wondered how it could be but didn't ask further. Possibly removed with a...
  17. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Got some photos from the PPF installation.
  18. 2021 Mach 1 Tuning

    E85 is up to 85% ethanol. 15% ethanol would be E15 (It's 88-octane fuel that is refined with 85 percent unleaded gas and 15 percent ethanol). I personally avoid anything with ethanol, so our eu 100 octane E5 and only with ETBE (ethyl tert-butyl ether) as the bio-compound. Better to avoid any...
  19. Franklin Mint

    The video shows 778/999 on the bottom of the red one and some shops say it's limited to 999 too. Ordered one, the red one was my second choice so now will have both :clap: Funny how they have the original black version of the Mach 1 logo on sides.
  20. Pilot Sport 4S to Pilot Sport AS

    There's other car for daily routines in shitty weather. No need to subject the love of my life that I want to keep forever to salt, water and other nasty stuff, plus saves time with washing. There are good days in winter too and it's short here, only 3-4 months. This guy had proper winter...