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    I like the new GT/CS treatment, but like Kona Blue, it's extremely hard to see the side stripe except for the RED GT/CS

    The second pic looks a lot like my KONA BLUE GT/CS when the sun isn't directly on it, in the sun Kona Blue shows purple too, just not as much as the 1st picture.
  3. Had to replace a RIM, FOOSE Legend 20x8.5 $440, but happy with end result

    Rear Caliper covers, painting the calipers Old rims just don't do this car justice- sorry GT/CS fans
  4. Had to replace a RIM, FOOSE Legend 20x8.5 $440, but happy with end result

    A couple of weeks ago I was driving to a Sunday morning car show and hit a huge bump in the road (man made by the paving company with no warning sign). I had Custom Caliper Covers GT/CS on and when I hit the bump, the cover broke loose and threw it out onto the street. I went on to the show...
  5. Random thoughts.......................

    I owned 7 Camaros, liked Vettes, but all the guys who owned them were old and had gray hair. Now I can afford a C8, but I too am old and have gray hair, don't fit in Camaros anymore, but love my GT/CS. Still thinking about the C8................................I can't afford a GT500.dang
  6. i need high school chick advice please

    A BJ, will get her way! (make sure you get it first)
  7. i need high school chick advice please

    That is awesome! Good luck with her (have great insurance when she talks you into letting her drive your car)
  8. i need high school chick advice please

    Maybe if you study more, you'll be able to write better. Then you can send her notes that she can read. I bet she likes your new '21 Mustang GT. How did you get that? Can't be from straight A's.
  9. i can’t be the only one who runs regular in a GT right?

    I've run 91 since new, 14,000 miles. I would not try the cheaper 89 or 87 ever. Car runs great, hard or on cruise. Not worried about the extra pennies it costs.
  10. Dumbest Trend?

    I like girls in their 20s/30s that still have an ass of an 8th grader.
  11. And It's Official

    Tesla Model 2 = $25k
  12. And It's Official

    Excellent Advertising scheme................................sells cars, then they can change their minds in 2024 to keep them because DEMAND is so high.
  13. New Shelby American Mustang Teaser - For Dec 15 Reveal

    Shelby American GT500 KR, 1000hp. I was hoping for a BOSS 302!
  14. New supercharger kit from Hamburger's Superchargers premiering at SEMA!

    Is it going on the dyno with the front end off, or are you putting back on the front end facia before testing?
  15. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    My mom used the back side of her hairbrush! 1960's
  16. Front License Lawbreaker!

    Yes, if the dealership hasn't drilled or mounted the front license plate holder, you don't have to display front plate in Nevada. But if you get pulled over and even have plugs in the holes they can cite you. There's a guy here in Vegas with a Bullitt and he actually put on his front...
  17. Radium Engineering Coolant tank

    I put a polished aluminum Mishimoto in place of the fugly plastic grenade. Looks so much better in my opinion.
  18. Am I crazy fuel door

    It's not April 1st, are you sure it was tight the last time you got gas? Was it all the way open?
  19. 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Orders to be cancelled because commodity shortages

    there are 3 MACH 1s who show up at Coffee and Cars here in Vegas, I'm guessing there are a few more that don't come to these gatherings.