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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Finally installed my winter wheels and brought summer ones inside for a little R&R this winter. Note - no snow to be had and none in the forecast, green grass. The new norm I guess and I live within ten miles of three ski areas!
  2. How stupid is the idea of drilling holes for roof rack?

    How I roll... and please don't drill holes in your roof. There has to be a better way.
  3. The Fate on the ICE

    DC charging can get you from 20% charge to 80% charge typically 20 minutes. You go shopping, plug in and come out ready to proceed on. Most shopping centers here have between 2-10 chargers and space allocated for more as demand rises.
  4. Should I get active exhaust?

    It can be added after the fact, I did it to my GT. Wasn't easy and you have to get lucky with harness and relay/fuse being in place from the factory. Discussion is about GT but everything discussed should...
  5. The Fate on the ICE

    Makes sense though, I'm sure when gas/diesel cars became popular/affordable and the interstate highway was born that new stations popped up along the major roads and along the coasts where there is a high density of people.
  6. The Fate on the ICE

    Not sure where you got your facts from but there are way more than 800 charging stations in the US, hell I have at least 10 within 20 miles of me and I live in a rural area. More than 40,000 is more like it and that does not count home chargers. I have plenty of clients that leverage solar and...
  7. 2021 GT sound tube, and quiet exhaust?

    I believe the transmission control packs are for standalone units (engine and tranny added to donor car not OEM) like this - 4 credits in this case gets you unlimited programming for one VIN. You get another car you will need to buy more credits.
  8. Should I get active exhaust?

    Something to be said about turning off the loud button from the steering wheel in certain situations... I have AE using Corsa's catback and HH pipe, sounds awesome!
  9. What IS forscan?

    You're a little late with that line, se post #2 :D
  10. Got the wheels I wanted, looking for advice on my next steps...

    Revisiting this as I am collecting parts. I have purchased the B6 shocks/struts and will be getting the Steeda min drop springs. Looking for recommendations on a 'sport' alignment and help in deciding between camber plates or camber bolts. Any input is appreciated! Mods already installed - STB...
  11. What IS forscan?
  12. Gas Prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    There is this too. Between the Texas freeze last winter and Hurricane Ida this year refineries have taken a hit.
  13. Gas Prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS] A lot of it has to do with shale oil production I believe. It is very expensive to produce oil this way comparatively so when the price of oil cratered last April (-$38/ barrel for West Texas crude! And yes...
  14. Gas Prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Only thing limiting supply is the producers, they like big profits and still have the sting of big losses last year when demand dried up. They were paying to store it. I bought heating oil last year at $1.60/gallon which was artificially low… OPEC and Russia aren’t going to increase their...
  15. Gas Prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Yep. Low supply and high demand.... worldwide.
  16. PP1 to ?

    Unfortunately your new tire size increased the gap because they are shorter than stock size.
  17. 2021 GT sound tube, and quiet exhaust?

    Yes, you could set it up exactly as you like though remember modifying the PCM puts warranty at risk... even for this.
  18. 2021 GT sound tube, and quiet exhaust?

    Requires a MPVI2(+) device - Reading is free, 'tuning' means you purchase credits per VIN.
  19. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    1" of snow in the evening they said... I'll wait for sun tomorrow to swap on snow tires I said... 6"+ of snow Mother Nature said...
  20. 2021 GT sound tube, and quiet exhaust?

    Table in first photo shows which table is referenced based on drive mode and current gear selected. Quiet is table 1 for example. Normal and Wet/Snow mode is the only one that references more than one table and I'm not sure why as it is the only mode that uses those three tables.... 'Normal'...