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  1. Catback that won’t wake the neighbors

    My vote is Borla Touring catback. I had loud and rowdy on my previous mustang. Got sick of it and so did my neighbors I think.... This Borla Touring is PERFECT. Just loud enough, but not turning heads loud. Absolutely love it and I get compliments on it all the time.
  2. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    Finished the break-in yesterday and finally made some WOT pulls with the magnum & new clutch. Proceeded to blow the slave cylinder on the second pull. Left me stranded on the side of the highway. Leaked fluid all over the ground. WTF.... I really hate this hobby sometimes.
  3. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    The Magnum is finally in and I'm on the road. What is the shift quality typically like during the break-in? When the trans is cold, the gear changes don't seem as smooth as I'd like. Feels somewhat 'tight' when going into gear. It improves some when the trans gets some heat in it. 4th gear will...
  4. Whipple Gen V Stage 2 Pump Gas Dyno Results

    Congrats man! I know it was a long time coming! Looking forward to the track results. Enjoy it!!
  5. Gen 5 Whipple Dyno

    Agree it does seem a bit low. My Gen 5 did 708/530 SAE on a dyno jet with the out of the box stage 2 kit running the whipple tune. Stock headers, stock cats with just a cat-back and the 3.875 pulley included in the kit. My car is a manual. Is yours auto or manual? As mentioned, take it to the...
  6. Opinions Engine oil for ROUSH stage 2 blower 5W50?

    My Whipple instructions say the below, so that's what I run.
  7. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    I’m also joining the Wengerd club! He’s tuning my stage 2 whipple with my Magnum XL swap. Responsiveness is outstanding. Had my RTD device two days after paying. The base tune was in my inbox in under 30 after sending him my info. The car should be back on the road within the next week. Then...
  8. Clutch replacement suggestions

    Most likely the wrench light is because you need to perform the ‘crank relearn’ procedure since the clutch was replaced. Local ford dealer can help, or if you’re tuned talk to your tuner as most tuning devices have that capability.
  9. LPXHD Clutch noises

    What you are hearing is called ‘gear roll over’ when lugging it at lower RPMs. Sounds like a bunch of rocks in the transmission. Just the nature of a solid hub twin disc and a China made transmission with crap tolerances. Clutch ‘chatter’ is felt when slipping the clutch on take off and it’s...
  10. Supercharger Surge Help!

    Whipple instructions clearly state do not modify the grill as it could cause running issues:
  11. The whipple wait

    It's a mess everywhere. I'm in IT and can't get equipment for 4+ months that would normally take 2 weeks. I ordered a QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft with my Magnum XL swap kit. QA1 now says they can't make driveshafts right now as they are waiting on the bonding resin from 3M. 3M says maybe this...
  12. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    Thanks. I may look local as well. Yep, it was delivered to someone in Southern California. Modern Driveline mixed up some shipping labels...but they quickly made it right and shipped me out another transmission from their stock.
  13. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    The QA1 Carbon Fiber driveshaft I ordered with my Modern Driveline swap kit has an unknown ETA. Apparently QA1 can't make carbon fiber driveshafts right now as they are waiting on the bonding resin from 3M. 3M says maybe this fall or later.... UGH. I really want to get this car on the road...I...
  14. Centri Boys, Need Your Wisdom!

    Agreed. I went back and forth between a P1X and Whipple. Ended up getting the Whipple and it's a blast. Car made 709/530 on the Whipple tune running 93 with the out of the box stage 2 kit and power was still going up at 7400 rpms when the pull was stopped. Car trapped 131mph with poopy air at...
  15. Leaning Towards Hellion over the Whipple

    Totally agree. It’s a blast on the street with a stick and some drag radials.
  16. Whipple interference with hood

    I have the same inteference on my car. Not sure what to do about it.... I really don’t want to dimple or modify my hood. This is with the hood liner already removed.
  17. Anyone else have whipple cal surging and hesitation issues?

    I have 1200ish miles on my Whipple stage 2 cal in my 2017 car. Never noticed any strong surging or bucking. I will say every now and then at that 2500-3500 range if you suddenly get moderately on the throttle, the acceleration doesn’t feel as smooth. No one riding in the car would ever notice...
  18. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    UPS freight lost my magnum. Current status "Shipment recorded but cannot be found. Attempting to locate." This is great!
  19. Installed a Tremec Magnum XL in my S550

    I did get the QA1 driveshaft as I have one on the car now. Wouldn’t consider any others!