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    HAHAHAHA damnit I just saw the post on FB today :facepalm:

    you are late to the game @Twin Turbo :D
  3. Sneak Peak at the All New GT7-S Forged Wheel - Inspired by the New Mustang GT500

    PM or email me with any questions or to place an order! 800.814.8423 M-F 9AM - 6PM PST [email protected]
  4. HP Wheels must go!

    I got my monoblock forged for 2500 USD(RSR) 20” though
  5. HP Wheels must go!

    said it before I would go for these but for 250 a pop..... Not even the cheap flow formed MX5 wheels are that cheap more or less :D
  6. Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    They will have hard time finding buyers for those at that price! Specially as there is no warranty, for 900k and warranty I would be very very tempted. I we have quite many 718 Spyders but the two seats is killing me as we have kids… funny now I have to make a round trip to school to pick the...
  7. Why the Mach1 is a rip off

  8. Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    Most important for me would be the sound :) no GPFs but no warranty :D
  9. 2021 Mach 1 Tuning

    Tune is a tune :) they will know For the 15-17 it is possible to get a Power pack 1-3 from Ford dealers here in Sweden. However for 18+ it’s not offered. Could be due to the GPFs that FP won’t bother about making a separate tune similar to e.g Lund
  10. Stage2 Whipple

    800hp+ at the crank and 600+ ft/lbs with pump gas I believe I would have crashed the first day :D
  11. Stage2 Whipple

    OPG and sprocket gear?
  12. And It's Official

    My daily is an EV and it’s just great for daily stuff! No need to wait for oils to warm up can hammer it from get go :D. The acceleration even for a slow EV is great in regular traffic. It heats the interior in short time, it has a lot of space, obviously very quiet, I can “fuel it up” at home...
  13. Performance pack 2 front lip

    I went to my Ford dealer and ordered the PP2 splitter and it was shipped from the DC in Germany and it is still sitting in our loft in the garage …. Think I paid 250-300eur Don’t ask me why it was available in Europe. This was 2 1/2 years ago or so
  14. And It's Official

    Y’all are buying the wrong brands :D
  15. Handling Pack fender flares coming off

    @Quick should maybe show you how the rocker panels and lower parts of the doors look. However with the fende lip moldings it might not be as as bad in those areas... That is normal from a track day, hence why ppf is good to have in those areas
  16. Handling Pack fender flares coming off

    Regular Ford quality just swallow it and move on 🤪😂
  17. Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    No need for Voodoo had to replace my Coyote after 9000km :D and then the intake manifold a couple of weeks after that....
  18. Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    you are starting to sound like the Miata, Tesla and apple boys :D, sorry had to
  19. PPF questions

    The most important areas are the areas which your own tires impact rocker panels/lower portion of the doors and the portion of the fender in front and behind you rear wheels. Specially if you are running a wheel/tire combo that is aggressive. Next step is obviously the front bumper, head...
  20. Fighter Jet Grey vs Iconic Silver

    so the conclusion is Twister Orange is the best color :D