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  1. Cold Start Madness thread

    Whipple , mak cat deletes, e85, full 3" with 3" bottle resonators on the H pipe and 3" magnaflow straight through mufflers. Kind of hard to tell from the video but it shakes my house. Its about as quiet as I can get it though while having straight through free flowing exhaust and mufflers.
  2. Leaking transmission 2018 10R80

    Are you modded at all? What hp and mods? My trans was leaking some, it ended up being a torque converter bushing that came loose and somehow caused the transmission to leak. Was fixed under warranty.
  3. Horrible to see this

    seems like trucks should have more safety requirements/ safety bars to prevent this type of accident where cars go under the side or rear of semi's
  4. Best tyres for daily use?

    Firestone indy 500s have pretty good grip, but they run a bit narrow and dont have much rim protection.
  5. S550 / 5.2 dyno shoot out -- 3.2 Kenne Bell vs Gen 5 whipple vs Hellion TT

    I wonder if the gen 5 whipple would have gone higher if revved to 8k. I am making my peak power at 8k rpm on my gen 5 whippled gen 3 coyote. Do you have any dragy 60-130 or 100-150 comparisons of these setups, or 1/4 mile runs?
  6. Rear end clicking sound gone - Thrust washer on hub

    My rear axle thrust washer went bad too, I had symptoms like rear end wag/shake instability under throttle and also noises when shifting from reverse to drive. Both axles were replaced under warranty.
  7. Updated 60-130 (5.1 secs) ESS G3 supercharger!

    I agree but his setup should keep making more power to like 8k
  8. 345 Rear Tires and 285 Front?

    I tried test fitting some 345s 30 20's that werent mounted on a wheel, they seemed too big but may have worked if you are ok with the tire sticking like an inch or more past the fenders, and if your rear is high enough up for it to not hit the fenders 345's left, 305's on the right : Ended...
  9. Updated 60-130 (5.1 secs) ESS G3 supercharger!

    Its a great time but your time should be alot better with the same setup if you rev to 7800+ compared to revving to 7400 I think. You should dyno your car, centris keep making more power and more boost and you would be shifting into more power and boost also.
  10. How common are issues with billet OPGs?

    I didnt do OPG's and I shift at 8k, so far car is doing great.
  11. Updated 60-130 (5.1 secs) ESS G3 supercharger!

    Why so low of shift point? centris love RPM I thought
  12. i can’t be the only one who runs regular in a GT right?

    I havent ran regular since like 2003. Even in my f150, 2valve mustang, and nissan maxima I ran premium
  13. How safe is it being supercharged?

    750 rwhp with low boost on e85 and the motor will love it.
  14. Traction control bad for the motor when boosted?

    Why would they do this if its harmful and there is another option? Here is what they said "Traction control cuts fuel and spark, when that happens and you stay on the throttle you will cause it to run lean causing it to knock and potently blow up even with the radials on we recommend...
  15. Traction control bad for the motor when boosted?

    Ive heard from my tuner and installer that having TCS on can be bad for the motor. What do you guys think? Harmful to the motor to keep TCS on and have it kick in often? I would hope it wouldn't be harmful but it would definitely kick in a lot. I usually keep tcs off but advancetrac on.
  16. BMR Drag Spring Ride Quality

    I think drag springs will feel sloppy if you like a good handling car in corners
  17. Reason For XS Oil Usage?

  18. Reason For XS Oil Usage?

    I am at the limit of my fuel system too at that RPM and its a stock motor, 8k is about as high as I want to go.
  19. 2021 mustang gt stiff ride.

    youll get used to it in a few days
  20. Sync3 will not update

    Mine didnt work on wifi, so I did it manually with a usb drive and that worked for me.