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  1. Dumbest Trend?

    Tom Holland has more ass than CPT Marvel.
  2. Dumbest Trend?

    I don't disagree.
  3. Dumbest Trend?

    people want ass
  4. Dumbest Trend?

    Tyre? This is America.
  5. Dumbest Trend?

    Where else do you keep a dish washer?
  6. Dumbest Trend?

    Why did my thread go from dumb trends to just shear ass.
  7. Dumbest Trend?

    Being in Phoenix, they dry up in a few days meaning that they don't dissolve and my dish washer only takes that garbage. I have to run the sink to soften it, otherwise I get a flakey undissolved gel thing.
  8. Dumbest Trend?

    Italy is flat, change my mind.
  9. 0% APR financing for 60 months is back!

    For me or this guy?
  10. Dumbest Trend?

    It's the European look.
  11. 0% APR financing for 60 months is back!

    Seems like a good deal.
  12. Dumbest Trend?

    Captain Marvel taught me that women don't need a phat ass.
  13. Dumbest Trend?

    I thought I was the only one. Black wheels on my Metallic Guard looked dumb in my opinion. With the Aluminum, it looks way better and I think so due to contrast.
  14. 0% APR financing for 60 months is back!

    How did you determine that? I am looking at a new 2021 for 40.4k. Base model with tech (301a) so the drive safe whatever too.
  15. Dumbest Trend?

    "America stance culture." That originated from the EU.
  16. Dumbest Trend?

    IQ lookin' a little room temp.
  17. Dumbest Trend?

    Ah. I was gonna ask about how you felt on soldiers getting a medical retirement.