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  1. on3performance twin turbo kit

    I prefer to have personal experience with something before giving my opinion on it. -Garrett
  2. Nitrous on stock mustang?

    Really even on 100 the cats probably won't have any issues. If you are going any higher than that I would go with an ORX or ORH pipe. Just make sure you get a tune and some cooler spark plugs!! Thanks...
  3. Dual Stage Boss Intake

    You can get drop mounts from Steve over at UPR to run this manifold. Thanks, Garrett
  4. Adding do you do it safely?

    What did it make on motor? That seems low. -Garrett
  5. Dual Stage Boss Intake

    Not sure if any of you have seen this..a little NX Dual Stage action! -Garrett
  6. Adding do you do it safely?

    Unfortunately, the heater and the window switch are not included in the base price. We could definitely get them added to your order. Thanks, Garrett
  7. 545rwhp & 621trq on a 150shot Nitrous Express Plate System

    Yes sir! We close from 12-1 for lunch, stop on in, we offer discounts for walk in's also. Thanks, Garrett
  8. 545rwhp & 621trq on a 150shot Nitrous Express Plate System

    You'll need a built shortblock and appropriate supporting mods to spray that much safely. The stock setups are really only being hit with 150hp reliably. -Garrett
  9. 545rwhp & 621trq on a 150shot Nitrous Express Plate System

    Any of those intakes work great with nitrous. You could easily add 100-150hp with some plugs and a good tune. -Garrett
  10. Adding do you do it safely?

    What Steve (UPR) said. Either one of these systems would work great on your application. With colder plugs, an NX system and a Nitrous tune, you can run 100-150 HP no problems and make the numbers your looking for, easily...
  11. Adding do you do it safely?

    Mileage will change for better or worse depending on how you drive with a blower or turbo. With nitrous, you shouldn't notice any MPG change. Nitrous is only there when you need it. -Garrett
  12. Adding do you do it safely?

    We do recommend running a heater, and RPM window switch to keep things safe. You could add 100-150hp to a basically stock long block with a good tune, good fuel and some cooler spark plugs. As long as you follow our guidelines, nitrous can be perfectly safe as long as all the precautions are...
  13. Free T-shirt on orders over 99$

    NX is offering a free t-shirt with any order over 99$, as a token of appreciation for all your support over the years! To claim this offer, place the order through your NX dealer, fax or email a copy of the receipt, and your shirt size and we will send one out. (Send to...
  14. #ManifoldMonday

    Here is some of the work we have done with direct ports on the coyote platform. We offer custom plumbing work that can be done through us or any of our dealers! Blow By Racing can get you guys set up. A little bit about direct ports.. Direct port systems are handy for higher horsepower...
  15. 545rwhp & 621trq on a 150shot Nitrous Express Plate System

    Nice job guys :) Solid numbers. -Garrett