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  1. How safe is it being supercharged?

    I have little doubt a 10 psi or less supercharger build will keep your Coyote reliable and durable. Run some octane booster just to be safe. I've been using Boostane plus my local 93 octane for the past 4,000 miles with -0- issues on boost. No special fuel supply in the way of Boost a Pump...
  2. How safe is it being supercharged?

    The cylinders don't score w/o reason. Factory top ring end gap is about .012" on a cold engine. Running temp N/A I would think the end gap would be about .010". That's the thickness of 3 sheets of white copy paper, which isn't much. Expecting a N/A coyote to survive with 11 - 15 pounds of...
  3. How safe is it being supercharged?

    Follow the lead of Roush. Stage 1 is 700 hp crank, about 600 wheel. Stage 2 is 750 hp crank, roughly 650 to the wheel. Car will live a long time and still be brutally "street" fast.
  4. How safe is it being supercharged?

    The more boost, the shorter the fuse. If you stay around 10 pounds or less, you should have a long, happy trouble-free ride. If you become a boost junkie, you'll turn your Mustang into a Jeep (Just Empty Every Pocket).
  5. Procharger Stage II HO Tensioner (or not)

    Gregory347, That was it :clap: All 3 allen bolts went an additional 1/8 - 1/4 turn. It's back to quiet now. Many, many thanks sir!!!!
  6. Procharger Stage II HO Tensioner (or not)

    Pulled off the interstate today and at the first red light, I noticed quite a bit of unusual noise at idle in the cabin. Got home and checked, everything looks perfect, but right at the head unit/tensioner it sounds like a muffled box of rocks now. I have the P1X with helical gears and I have...
  7. Bolt Torque and Torque to Yield

    Replacing various bolts on my spare Gen3 long block build. I understand Torque to Yield fine, which is easy enough. When the manual says (for instance) 177 inch pounds, then 28 inch pounds, I understand this as taking it to the 177 inch mark in increments, then going an additional 28 inch...
  8. Mustang GT vs ... (Post whatever you've raced and how it went)

    Ice445, I think you may be right. When I glanced in my rear view as he was pulling along side I thought he's got a really low air dam. Could have been an intercooler, but I can't say for sure. One thing's for sure, it was fast since I didn't pull him by much.
  9. 2018-2020 Mustang GT fueling limits

    My tuner, whom I trust, indicated the 2018+ Mustangs can fuel up to 700 WHP with no BAP. I have only added injectors (1050X) and I'm around 650 WHP with -0- fuel issues with 93 as verified by my datalogs.
  10. Difference between p1x stage 1 vs stage 2

    After about 4K miles on my Stage 2, the supplied Dayco belt still looks near new. But I'm only running about 9.5 psi.
  11. Are Mustangs Dangerous?

    Cell phones are far more dangerous than any Mustang . . . . . . .
  12. Mustang GT vs ... (Post whatever you've raced and how it went)

    I was cruising on I-20 west bound on a Sunday drive and had a C-7 practically the same color as mine (blue) with a Texas plate pulling up on me. I heard him gear down as he was pulling along side I barely had enough time to put mine in Sport+. Would not have made any difference, I immediately...
  13. Aluminator, RPG stage 2, TKM (sleeved)

    On a different note, I have delayed my build of a Gen 3 once I learned the Manley H-Beams I bought are made in China. I am sick of China stuff. My intent is to have a spare long block that will support 800 crank HP. I have no doubt the stock rods will handle this. So I am thinking of using...
  14. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    I took a neighbor (that has a really cherry Buick GN) for ride in my 2018 GT this weekend. We drove for a while at every throttle position, idle to WOT. He commented on how linear, smooth, and powerful my car was. He said "man this thing feels like the tune is perfect". I said, "it is".
  15. Car shut off on 1st pull after Procharger install

    Jackson1320, Is dead on, GET RID of the hose clamps that came with the kit. Get the heavy duty T-Clamps for every single connection, even for the BOV. I never used the ones supplied by Procharger, I went the HD T-clamps from the git go. Been perfect for 4K miles.
  16. Centrifugal owners chime in pleass

    Centri's don't reduce low end torque. With the right tune/tuner, the low end is better than stock. Then you have that awesome mid-range, with a top-end that never quits pulling taking advantage of the massive air flow of the Gen3 heads. D1X is a beast, P1X seems like it was made for a...
  17. Wengerd Performance and Tuning

    Black Dog, 100% agreed. The bigger fish tuners tend to loose the fact that it's the little things in a tune that separate good from outstanding. We should not have to tolerate shortcomings unless we are told up front, before we spent the coin. My Wengerd tuned 2018 is perfect under any...
  18. Mustang GT vs ... (Post whatever you've raced and how it went)

    I pulled onto I-20 today and a 392 Scatpack in dark gray (love that color) was right there in the inside lane. I thought, hey, if' he's game, I'm game. He guns it front of me a few times and after a short distance I get along side. We hit it at the same time and much to my shock, he pulled...