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  1. Short throw

    I want a new, shorter shifter eventually. You all have me thinking MGW. I woke up in the middle of the night and read half of this thread, then fell back asleep. And I dreamed my Mustang had a foot and a half long shifter similar to the floor-mounted shifter from the Volkswagen bus I learned to...
  2. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    C'mon, you're not fooling us... That's just a cup of coffee! 🤣
  3. Today's moral of the story is, don't over torque your lug nuts

    On what models does Ford use splined nuts?
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Car looks GREAT! Now, finish that dang drywall! (Sorry, pet peeve of mine came out... 🤭)
  5. All Season Tire Help/Recomendations

    A/S for driving in colder weather. Letting the summer tires "warm up" probably isn't a good plan for temps too far below 45°. If you're actually planning to drive it through wintery weather (snow, etc...) get winter tires. I just put on a set of Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires for winter. They...
  6. What do you think about GT/Ecoboost/V6 Mustangs with stripes? Poseurish? Tacky?

    In my mind, stripes have never been synonymous with only certain models. I've seen plenty of non-GT models with various stripes. I always figure - to each their own. I don't have a ton of experience, but I bought my rocker panel stripes from Stripe Source. They seem like a decent company to deal...
  7. PP2 Suspension Ride Height is Uneven

    My conclusion was that the difference was too slight to worry about. I also thought it through and realized there are far too many areas where tolerances come into play. Otherwise, the car rides and handles just fine, so I'm happy. 👍🏼
  8. Street racers....go to the track

    I'll give you that on the wide open highways, but many areas are far too congested, and common sense often seems to be lacking. What's been done to improve the drivers? I see people every day who don't seem to realize they'll never be able to stop the vehicle they're driving, should something...
  9. PP2 Suspension Ride Height is Uneven

    Ok, old post, but you dug it up. Quarter inch? Nothing to worry about, IMO!
  10. PP2 Suspension Ride Height is Uneven

    I don't believe your measuring technique, as pictured here, is going to be very accurate. Also, when I saw you said your measurements were off by an inch, and then you said it was only one finger width difference, I was like dang, dude's got some giant fingers! 😂
  11. PP2 Suspension Ride Height is Uneven

    So, might be some folks here yanking your chain, because (I don't know this for sure) you kind of sound like a newb. No offense if you're not, but at some point we all were. Anyhow, I learned a thing or two when I posted this thread.
  12. 2021 ecoboost High performance w/ handling package

    I don't think Cobb offers stage 3 anymore, but you can always get it professionally tuned. And, yeah, an INTERcooler is a great first upgrade. Enjoy your car!
  13. Glasses drawer

    Click 3 times to activate summon mode, like a Tesla. But, unlike a Tesla, your Mustang will first do a radical burnout, and then emerge from the smoke show into a beam of light that shines down from the heavens, no matter the time of day. At least I think that's what it does. Haven't tried it...
  14. Installed mercedes style AC vents, thoughts?

    Looks like this.
  15. My Custom "NIGHTWING" 2021 Mustang GT is done!

    Seriously, I have no idea what it's all about, but looks like it was a job well done. 👍🏼 Congrats on making your car one of a kind!
  16. Maryland **DEAL PENDING** OEM Ecoboost PP wheels & tires - $1,000 obo

    Thanks, but no. Not interested in staggered, nor 20s, although that sounds like a nice set.
  17. Maryland **DEAL PENDING** OEM Ecoboost PP wheels & tires - $1,000 obo

    19" x 9" Low-Gloss Ebony Black-Painted Aluminum wheels, OEM with the 2018 EcoBoost Performance Package. OEM Pirelli P-Zero tires (255/40ZR19) w/ 5,279 miles. No burnouts or track use. Decent tread remaining. No shipping. Pick up in 21157/21048 area. Can meet within 20 miles or so.
  18. I hate the Pirelli P Zero Summer Only tires...

    Well, I didn't actually say I hated them... However, in the winter, I hated that I only had summer tires!