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  1. Iconic Silver Mach 1 Landed!

    I like the Mach 1 looks but the reviews have not been good. Its like a parts car and not a complete one and why did ford not put the GT500 front suspension under the Mach 1 so it would not tramline down the road. That would have made the car so much more enjoyable. As it is at least on my roads...
  2. My Black Mach 1 Landed!

    Nice Mach looks great also you can use your ford pass credits to get your car's floor mats for free. You get them when you activitate ford pass on your new car. Just ask your dealer
  3. GT500 top speed test.

    Also the ZL1 will do well over 190 which is faster then GT500 and it is very close in preformance to the GT500 on the track. It is also much cheaper then GT500. The ZL1 can give the same track performance and a higher Top Speed then a the GT500 while being just as track focused. So why did...
  4. GT500 top speed test.

    Ford just went cheap on us and charged us more than ever for a slower top speed compared to the last GT500. Basically Ford went up on the price by 50,000 compared to the last GT500. But gave us a slower TOP END. The Dodge charger that is heavier then the 500 goes over 200 mph no problem.
  5. Dealers willing to make deal!

    Thats the GT500 I was told sticker price. If your interested I can hook you up with the salesman to get the deal.
  6. Dealers willing to make deal!

    If anyone is interested My local dealer has one for sale at MSRP. Its grabber lime black roof, no stripes, Recaro's, and Electronic group. List for 79+ thats what he wants. drop me PM if you want the contact details. All I want is a ride in it. Im sure it will not last long
  7. First Used 2020 GT500 I've seen listed

    If anyone wants a grabber line for MSRP let me know got a local dealer that will sell it for MSRP. be quick it may not last long. Its has black roof, Recaros, and Electronic group. list for 79+. All I want is a ride in it. Pm if your interested
  8. My 2020 GT 350 Engine Blew today

    New cars will not over rev the computer does not let that happen. The only way around it is a tune.
  9. 2020 GT500 vs Redeye Drag Racing StangMode vs Mod2fame

    The Red Eye had a big advantage its was using the drag tire setup from the demon. The GT500 had street tires and anyone saying that a drag tire compared to a street tire would make little change is really out there. I've seen a drag tire setup compared to a street tire setup make up to .5 second...
  10. Throttle House puts the 2020 GT500, Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat Redeye on the track

    Yeah the only way a ZLE wins is if the other car has worn out tires, missing aero aids and even after all that handicapping the GT500 in this test, they still choose the GT500 over it. Every other media test especially in a straight line the GT500 stomps the ZL1 any model. By 150 the GT500 will...
  11. Throttle House puts the 2020 GT500, Camaro ZL1 and Challenger Hellcat Redeye on the track

    not so fast watch this video the Camaro everytime gets its a$$ handed to it in the 1/4 mile. Worn out tires on any car is is going to greatly effect its performance this GT500 had a bad set of tires in the throttle house review period. As they say if your spinning you are not winning.
  12. Shelby GT500 - Build & Price

    Base model would be fine with me PP0001 thxs for any help.:like:
  13. Shelby GT500 - Build & Price

    replay to PP0001 Man, you are all over the place from stating how poorly Ford marketing policy is to now stating that the GT500 is really not a Shelby because they are produced on a mass production line. Answer Never said Ford marketing policy was bad. I stated I like GM's better. Its just this...
  14. Shelby GT500 - Build & Price

    I agree with you totally and thxs love my Mustangs just was hoping to add 2020 GT500. But all may not be lost just have to go out of state, its a maybe will see. It just seems that you get attack here if you if you state something you think Ford could change and for me it would be better if they...
  15. Shelby GT500 - Build & Price

    I have probably owned more GT500's and Mustangs then most of you not all I'm sure. I've been to Fords 100 birthday in 2003 in Dearborn and have loved my Mustangs. My first Cobra was a 1996 SVT so I go back a long way on high performance Mustangs and I'm no chevy fanboy by any means. I'm just...
  16. Shelby GT500 - Build & Price

    V00D00 here's a fact Chevy will make any amount of Corvette's that the market wants no limits. Will Ford do the same with the GT500 that answer is a Big Fat NO. So to get Chevy's best all I need to do is go down to a Local dealer and get one. With the GT500 I may have to go out of state to get...
  17. Shelby GT500 - Build & Price

    V00D00 your wrong with the ADM for the price of carbon fiber GT500 you can get a ZR1 and the Corvette is also on another level compared to the GT500. The ZR1 was an example and the same thing goes for all GM high performance vehicles they are available to all Chevy customers if you got the money...
  18. Shelby GT500 - Build & Price

    My point is chevy makes enough of their highend cars that all the customers that want one and can afford one it can get one. I can get a ZR1 for below MSRP without making a video or kissing someones you no what to get one. Wish Ford would do like chevy and provide enough of the high end...
  19. Shelby GT500 - Build & Price

    Whats the point even if you wanted one and could afford it you cannot get one because no has one for sale or they have a 20,000 dollar mark up. I'am not paying 20,000 over for anything. One thing Chevy does better than Ford is make sure any of their customers who want the top performance car...