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  1. What's your Fuel Mileage on 2018-2021 Gt's 5.0 with 10 sp or Standards

    I've had two Gen 3 manuals, an 18 and a 20. Both have averaged 23.8-24.5 MPG overall for 10k mile tests. I drive 70% highway, and use 5w30 oil. 3.73 gears.
  2. First Oil Change

    I use full synthetic 5w30. Also since I have the tick I use one can of ceratec every oil change, eliminates hearing the tick for me.
  3. 2019 GT PP1 Tire selection?

    I ran 20x10s on my GT with 285/35/20....10 inch wheel is perfect for 285 no need for 11 unless you want to go with a bigger tire.
  4. 2019 GT PP1 Tire selection?

    Are you talking about putting these on stock wheels? You'd never want 295s on the back 9.5 inch wheels, let alone the front. This discount tire selector is obviously junk. 275 MAX on a 9 inch wheel (fronts), and 285 max on the back 9.5s, but still too big for both imo. I'd stick with the...
  5. 2019 GT feels sluggish!

    Less selection sure, but Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Conti, Yokohama, BF Goodrich, Firestone all make tires in that size, that's not practically nobody
  6. 2019 GT feels sluggish!

    Probably because 30 series tires ride like ass I'd assume. I have some 6GR's I plan to put 285/35/20 on the front and 305/35/20 on the back. What's so bad about a 305/35? Also pretty much every major brand makes 305/35.
  7. Home maintenance vs dealership

    I avoid my dealerships service at all costs unless it's warranty work. My last two visits were them mounting a back wheel on the front of my car, and before that I got a flat tire from their parking lot lol.
  8. Best exhaust?

    Yep, I had Ataks on my 18 and I have corsa extremes on my 20 and I liked the borla better.
  9. Anyone else waiting months on Project 6GR wheels?

    Ordered in late May, told July, then strung along and now it's September. They charged my card for a product 3 months ago and I still don't have it. I'm actually starting to wonder if I should just charge these back before that window closes..
  10. Solid Black wheels will fade away!

    Thanks, SVE xs7 20x10 squared, 285/35/20 Michelin PS4S all the way around
  11. Solid Black wheels will fade away!

    I don't like black wheels because every SUV, truck, and minivan has them these days, they're way over played imo.
  12. Staggered setup

    I bought some Project 6GR 20x10 and 20x11 wheels, plan on running 275/35/20, 305/35/20.
  13. Magneride

    I can attest to this. I had a base 18 PP1 without Mag ride (but lowered 1 inch on progressives), and my new 20 PP1 with mag ride just feels a lot more wiggly and loose in any mode. I need to lower it obviously to compare objectively, but what else would you suggest to make a Mag ride PP1 car...
  14. What is this on my inner fenders by the lights and further up (20 GT)

    Has me paranoid I bought a wrecked car or something jesus lol. That's reassuring, hopefully a few others chime in lol. ty!
  15. Anyone selling spacers?

  16. Anyone selling spacers?

    Aren't spacers super cheap? Not something I would buy used personally
  17. best exhaust for GT????

    My experience with exhausts is as follows. Had an 18 GT with Borla ataks, and now have a 20 GT with Corsa Extreme. Wide open throttle they may be comparable, but the ataks were noticeably louder to me just casually driving around normally at light load/throttle. Borlas are deeper, both scream...
  18. What is this on my inner fenders by the lights and further up (20 GT)

    Bought a 20 GT Premium in May with 3k miles, and noticed later that the hood to fender panel gap is pretty bad. I know these cars have issues with panel gaps but upon further digging under the hood I found this stuff... Looks like some sort of epoxy or maybe homemade remedy to help the gap (I...