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  1. 2018 Bullitt Mustang (and Features) Confirmed in Window Sticker

    I never said you made it up... Something created by anyone other than the founding entity with the intention to mislead or deceive others; whether it be a fake iPhone, Window Sticker, or a pregnancy test- is fraud... That's why I used the word, which you seem to be hung up on. I'm not...
  2. Cool Vid on the 2018 Mustang Digital Dash

    I'm with the others on hoping for retrofitting options... I have faith that someone here will jump in the pool of trying to make it work.
  3. Base stereo screen is black / blank

    What kind of phones are you guys using that have the BT issues?
  4. 2018 Bullitt Mustang (and Features) Confirmed in Window Sticker

    It wasn't a personal attack, more of a friendly jab... Nonetheless, if it turns out to be legit, that'd be sweet.
  5. 2018 Bullitt Mustang (and Features) Confirmed in Window Sticker

    FoMoCo already stated that the sticker didn't come from them...
  6. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I would recommend pulling it out and reseating the connections. That was a common issue early on.
  7. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Can you be a little less vague? Have you read through the thread and seen other people's troubleshooting steps? Where did you buy the unit?
  8. Existence of 3.5mm input - 2017 Mustang SYNC?

    Just my $.02 Only the 2015's had the 3.5mm jack, they ditched it in 16. I have it, and never use it. 1. SatRadio sucks. The quality is atrocious. Don't waste the money, unless you like listening to Talk radio. 2. If you won't budge, at least get one that has a Bluetooth connection. 3. If 1 and...
  9. About to do my install...Am I missing anything?

    While it won't be of much help to you, if you wanna go halfsies on the Forscan and send it to me when you're done, let me know. ;)
  10. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    If I recall correctly, it was a flaw in the system board on some models.
  11. S550 owners who carry firearms: What, and where?

    Israel Weapon Industries Jericho 941F is my EDC. It's not light, it's not compact, and it's not plastic.
  12. Victory Motorcycles Is Shutting Down

    Using CVO as an excuse it laughable. Essentially comparing a GT-500 to a regular Mustang GT.
  13. What's the cheapest/easiest way to obtain apple CarPlay on a base car?

    Step 1: Get extra iPhone Lightning Cable Step 2: Cut USB end off cable. Step 3. Strip back insulation to expose wires. Step 4: Keep only RED and BLACK wires, cut the remaining wires short/out of the way. Step 5: Open the hood, and remove black cover from battery. Step 6: Plug Lightning Connector...
  14. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    You should post it in the classifieds, it'll get more attention there.
  15. Wireless charging idea

    How can you even get a phone to stay there? I had to use a Command strip to keep my WiFi hotspot there, otherwise it flew around when I would do some "spirited" driving.
  16. 10.2" Horizontal display Android 4.4.2 touch screen radio

    Any chance you could post some pictures of the module they sent? I'm looking for any identifying marks that could tell me who made it.
  17. 10.2" Horizontal display Android 4.4.2 touch screen radio

    Is the CANBUS reader supposed to fix the backup camera zoom issue?
  18. 2018 Digital Gauge Cluster

    Nope. Until you see them driving around, I wouldn't expect an update
  19. iphone and android

    You can only pair 1 phone at a time to the factory system. You can use the iPhone as a hotspot for the Android to get WAZE Data, but you won't be able to get hands-free calls with the iPhone.
  20. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Wouldn't it be great if someone created a feature that let you type in key words, and it would automatically find them for you in a thread? We could call it the "Search Function!" I'll have to ask the mods to create something like that.