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  1. What fuel do you use in your GT?

    I thought vpower staying e5?
  2. Mach 1 Chin Spoiler - part number please

    Thanks pal small nick in spoiler like yours its annoying when you park miles out of way too and 2nd time mach 1 left on its own plus usual denials not excepting responsibility Just want to get car back to as new so a tad annoying on b/o If it comes in to stock ill let you know I've just...
  3. Mach 1 Chin Spoiler - part number please

    I'm in same position damaged at local garden centre by an employee there MR3B-17F775-AC5YZ9 £217.89 + vat On back order no date at moment according to my local Ford dealer
  4. Tremec and clutch biting point

    I've done nearly 500 mile and gearchange definitely eases of bites around same as my old gt about mid 3/4 on pedal The one thing I've noticed is a little bit of clutch pedal judder just at bite point Do you have this too ?
  5. Mach1 front bumper spoiler damaged

    MR3B-17F775-AC5YZ9 £217.89 + vat If anyone needs one for future ref
  6. Mach1 front bumper spoiler damaged

    Cheers pal think thats rear boot spoiler and spltter I need the front bumper spoiler thats screwed to the bumper I think the base number is 17A989A Just need the Ford part number Hopefully I can order a new one to get one sorted quickly before I go and set fire to the garden centre
  7. Mach1 front bumper spoiler damaged

    please does someone know the part number price and front bumper lower Black plastic spoiler ? Some scumbag has damaged mine whilst parked at local garden centre