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  1. 1.21 60ft on the back tire - 3,950 lbs

    Keep your foot to the floor and shift it unless you like broken oil pans and bent headers.
  2. Twin turbo 2.5 vs 3 inch exhaust

    They are the ones that are optional for the Hellion kit
  3. Twin turbo 2.5 vs 3 inch exhaust

    I’m running the Street Sleeper kit (62/66 Precision BB turbos) with boost actuated cutouts on my 2019 along with a FRPP resonator delete and factory cat-back. There were no signs of any sort of valve float. The car made 770 to the tire through a MT-82 on 8.9lbs. It sounds stock (other than...
  4. 18+ bone stock dynos with each FI flavor

    Not really necessary unless you want to turn it up past gate pressure. My car made 9lbs on the 7lb spring with no help from the controller, which is about as far as I want to push it on 93. I just put the boost controller in now so it would be one less thing to mess with when I make the...
  5. 18+ bone stock dynos with each FI flavor

    Sounds about right. I ticked a lot of extra boxes when I spec’ed my kit out.
  6. 18+ bone stock dynos with each FI flavor

    It’s not cheap, but it’s quality and fits my needs perfectly. You can get a pretty good idea by playing with the options on Hellion’s site. Just the turbo kit and injectors/BAP/boost controller we’re somewhere in the $12k range.... I’m pretty handy with a wrench, but stay busy running the sales...
  7. 18+ bone stock dynos with each FI flavor

    Here’s a graph of my recently completed manual 2019 GT with the Hellion Street Sleeper kit. The car has the 62mm Precision BB turbos, Hellion headers, and boost actuated cutouts. The rest of the exhaust consists of a Ford Racing resonator delete and the stock axle-back. It’s a pump gas (93...
  8. loud valves on hellion sleeper kit??

    I’d love to hear feedback on this as well. I ordered my Street Sleeper kit about 2 weeks ago and just had the turbos show up. I ordered the “loud valve” option to be able to keep the docile factory exhaust while not giving up WOT performance. I’ve had cars with electronic cutouts before and...
  9. Hellion Sleeper First Pass

    Which turbos? I’m waiting on this kit to arrive with the Precision BB 62mm units. I’ll be running a pump gas 6-speed combo though, so obviously it will be slower. 140mph traps on a somewhat similar engine/turbo combo makes me think I’m going to have my hands full at the track with this thing.