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  1. Reason For XS Oil Usage?

    Part numbers for many parts in the engine change over years, as with most engines. This is why the 'gen' can be a bit of a misnomer, since parts and part numbers will continually change based on things like supplier contracts and availability, or minor part revisions, changes in materials, etc...
  2. Reason For XS Oil Usage?

    I'd be surprised if this thread turns into much more than the usual case of people all chiming in to report their oil usage. I'm not sure how you'd definitively determine this, but there's been speculation that much of it has to do with oil leakage past the valve seals.
  3. Early 2019 GT350R KR014 with regular spoiler

    We aren't pointing it out because you asked. We're pointing it out because any modicum of human decency dictates we point out when someone in the community is about to make a $10,000 mistake. You sir, are that someone.
  4. Early 2019 GT350R KR014 with regular spoiler

    My mind has been blown more than once in this thread. If you don't want the wing I'll take it off your hands for $1000.
  5. Am I crazy?- 1K mile road trip on carbon fiber wheels and cup 2s

    I picked my car up in New Orleans and drove it back to Boston. No issues. Not a ride I'd look forward to doing again though. Grab some Trak Tape to put on some of the more chip prone parts of the car.
  6. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    It's not about whether the car is in motion. The computer uses a ton of variables as input and chooses the voltage based on those variables - things like perceived state of charge on the battery, total electronic load, recent states of charge, engine load, throttle position, etc. If the car...
  7. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    Very normal. The car's algorithms for controlling the charge voltage is pretty complex and you can't read too much into it.
  8. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    I suspect the Ferrari like sound is from them doing a UDDU firing order vs the Voodoo's UDUD.
  9. Track Attack cars for sale?

    Well yeah, I don't think they'd say they're under-maintained before you strap yourself in and floor it around the track :-)
  10. TSB for Secondary Cam Chain Tensioner

    Based on a quick Google search it appears Altadonna has been one of the SVT builders for years, even before the Voodoo. That makes me wonder if this may be a case of association not meaning causation.
  11. R owners... should i keep original tires?

    I think the issue would be the plasticizers in the rubber leaching out over time. I can't think of any way to prevent that.
  12. R owners... should i keep original tires?

    Tom we all know if someone is going to do this it'll be you, so you're practically obligated to.
  13. Simple engine mods?
  14. Simple engine mods?

    Congrats on the new car. Resonator deletes are commonly recommended and a simple way to make the exhaust the equivalent of the R exhaust. Time has shown there aren't really any simple mods with meaningful performance increases. It's a high revving NA V8 making more than 100hp per liter...
  15. Bought a 2019 GT350R- might have paid too much but I dont care : )

    You should have seen the R prices back in 2017 lol. Nice car and congrats. Welcome to the broth-R-hood.
  16. Gt350 charging problem… need help

    The car uses a smart charging system in which the charge voltage is digitally controlled vs the older style of having a fixed voltage regulator on the alternator. So at full throttle the car will often drop the charge so the alternator isn't creating drag on the engine, and if the car sees the...
  17. Got some magic happening...need some luck

    Good luck, but the important thing to remember is not to get so emotionally attached to a sale that you don't know when to walk if something isn't working out.
  18. And the hits just keep on coming... 2017 GT350 - low/no oil possibly?

    As a complete side note - the smart charging system on these cars won't be easily diagnosed by an Autozone. The alternator is digitally controlled to change the output voltages in real time, and would need to be diagnosed by a dealer computer or Forscan.
  19. Bumper swap

    No, all the bodywork from the A pillars forward is different so it's not a direct fit.
  20. Almost carjacked today...

    I'll try to avoid turning this into a dash cam thread, but just to get you off in the right direction the two big brands I'd look at are Thinkware and BlackVue. The interior of our cars makes it very easy to run the wires just by tucking under the interior panels. I usually shop at...