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  1. Florida Steeda S550 Hood Struts

    Purchased from OP. Easy transaction.
  2. South Carolina Diode Dynamics rear LED sidemarker lights and Jaeger Brothers splash guards

    Purchased the Splash Guards. Easy transaction thanks Sloppymax!
  3. Georgia 25mm wheel spacers

    Message sent.
  4. Texas 2017 GT350 Avalanche Recaro 24K miles

    Sheesh that’s clean af! Good luck with sale I would of scoped it up for sure if I didn’t get my stang recently.
  5. Georgia 15+ MMD Hood Struts - $30

    Damn the one time I don’t check 😹 I miss out. Good price too.
  6. Texas Diode dynamic side markers

    He's not going to. His other threads a few other guys have sent him $$ and they have received nothing.
  7. Georgia 2015-2021 Mustang 3D front Mats

    Still have these?
  8. 2013-2014 Mustang APR Performance CF hood vents

    Wasn't sure if I was allowed to post non S550 parts in the market place but I have some APR CF Hood vents that I bought for the wrong model mistake lmao. They are new and are direct bolt on to 2013-2014 GT models. I need them gone so 220 Shipped OBO (Georgia)
  9. Rock/splash Guard for Sale

    Purchased! Thanks
  10. Window Sticker

    Thanks Joe!
  11. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    drove both the mustang and the camaro. Loved the exterior of both was leaning towards camaro but sheesh I couldn't see myself driving that everyday interior is meh... I felt so cramped in there compared to the mustang.
  12. Window Sticker

    Hello everyone first time Mustang owner. Just got a 2017 GTPP in the grabber blue! Loving it so far, would love to have the window sticker! VIN 1FA6P8CF9H5246859 Thanks Guys!