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  1. Head gaskets for boosted gen 2

    Hate to bring up old topic but just want to make sure... So I got the GT500 headgaskets from ford, 100% accurate it will work with my stock 2016 5.0 long block?
  2. Head gaskets for boosted gen 2

    cool thanks, studs are ordered and going to dealer tomorrow to get the gt500 gaskets
  3. Head gaskets for boosted gen 2

    Hey guys, I did a search and couldn’t find anything. Just a quick question. I think I may have a blown head gasket, my car isn’t over heating no coolant in the oil and my cylinder head temps are just fine. But the car is drinking coolant. I don’t really smell it coming out of the exhaust, but I...
  4. California JMS Dual BAP

    Yea i think it is the V1 but im not too sure i will double check. But as for shipping to new zealand i would have to check. Shouldnt be more than 30-40 bucks to ship
  5. California JMS Dual BAP

    Yea i never received a pm, but yes it does come with the signal wire for a 5v reference source
  6. California JMS Dual BAP

    200 shipped
  7. California JMS Dual BAP

    still have this for anyone lookin
  8. WTB Wheels

    Im selling my mrr m600 matte black 19x10 19x11 wheels in norcal
  9. Texas Rodeheaver's 2015-2017 Mustang GT S550 Return Fuel System - $1050

    Im suprised no ones picking this up, its a great setup and Tim has been backed up for months on pumps.
  10. California JMS Dual BAP

    It will work on a 2016 gt, it's what I used. I just only used one of the connections for a single pump setup. Worked great.
  11. California JMS Dual BAP

    One more bump
  12. My Key help with ForScan

    Yea I was able to remove my key feature using the only one key I had using forscan. If I had the forscan license I would be able to code a new key but I just ended up going to dealer to get a key coded, a buddy gave me one he had laying around.
  13. Budgeting a build

    I baught a used hellion kit and pieced the fuel system together and installed everything myself and im pretty sure im over 8k plus into this build. Nothing on these cars and making power is cheap. I think best bet for you is to find a good used kit and a decent fuel system and youll make your...
  14. WTB-Bay Area-Auto Anything spare tire kit

    Dont think they have a spare tire for PP cars because of the brembo rotors thats why it comes with inflatable pump and fix a flat gel
  15. 5.0 Dyno Chart Compilation

    Hellion Top Mount 55/62, 1050xinjectors. Rodeheavers return dual pump system and 3" cutouts Made 843/776 on e85 and 12psi, ran into valve float issues at top end.
  16. e85 tune

    So your in the Force induction section without forced induction. Your question a vague and makes no sense.