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  1. Whats a Little Thing You Love and a Little Thing You Hate?

    Love the delight on my kids' faces when I gun the Roush axle-back under a wide overpass with the top down. Don't love when my wife rolls her eyes in the same scenario.
  2. New Sync Update Available

    Admittedly, I have some homework to do for determining if a downgrade is possible. I'll probably just learn to live with it, but having to stop the car to change albums/artists is stupid. Worst case I can always switch to Bluetooth-piped music sourced from my Plex server.
  3. New Sync Update Available

    Thanks, but I already have my hands full with my future ex-wife. :facepalm:
  4. New Sync Update Available

    I'm aware that I like Ford's 2018 infotainment software version better than their 2020 version and will be downgrading.
  5. New Sync Update Available

    FYI, from I updated my 2018/Nav from 3.0.19205 to 3.4.20282. Got the new blue screen but don't notice any performance improvements to the interface. Bad thing is legal nannys got more intrusive, not letting me browse my USB/MP3 collection as freely while car is moving unlike...
  6. which front brake pads?

    Will check them out. Thanks, Grahame.
  7. which front brake pads?

    Thanks, ordered the 4-piston fronts.
  8. Whats the loudest axel back exhaust?

    Chris, thanks for the info and the driveby invite for a listen, but I'm a bit far away in the Fort Lauderdale area. From your description, I just have to decide if I want to test my neighbor's patience with the "new" sound :curse: but very tempting. Great idea on the bracketry for swapping...
  9. which front brake pads?

    Getting ready for my first brake pad replacement. The Powerstop Z26 front pads show part Z26-1784 for 4-piston or part Z26-1792 for 6-piston. For the rear pads, there is only one part Z26-1793. Short of a physical inspection, how do I determine which front brake pads fit my car? Is 6-piston...
  10. Whats the loudest axel back exhaust?

    Hi Chris, I'm currently running my 2018 GT convertible with the Roush axle-backs and love the sound, especially top-down. Curious about the volume increase if I added the Roush H-pipe to replace the stock resonator. Would you describe it as a big jump in volume? Deeper sound? Any drone? Thanks.
  11. Which mod should i go with first

    Considered also replacing the resonator with the Roush H-pipe but too cruel for my neighbors.
  12. GT MPG

    14-15mpg around town in south Florida. Really have to behave myself to get it higher than that. On freeway road trips I get 10 mpg higher. This is a 2018 GT convertible with the A10 in Sport mode.
  13. Which mod should i go with first

    As my signature indicates I went with the Roush axle-back exhaust, Shelby CS-3 wheels, 275/35-20x9.5 front, 305/30-20x11 rear wearing Nitto NT555 G2 tires. Will try Firehawk Indy 500 tires next. Big improvement to looks and sound, especially the latter with the top down. No burning desire to...
  14. What’s in your trunk?

    Not much - I'm a bit OCD for a non-cluttered trunk. Both convertible tonneau caps which I never use, pushed all the way forward with a towel thrown on top of them so they don't move around. Also, a collapsible caddy/organizer holding a couple of baseball caps, sunscreen, disposable wipes and...
  15. Seniors: Louder Exhaust?

    I've also got the Roush axle-back and considering the H-pipe. How would you describe the change in sound after adding the H? How much louder/deeper?
  16. Used S550 Prices going up?

    In South Florida back in Oct 2018 I bought a 2018 GT premium convertible 10R80 with 17K miles and a clean Carfax for $30K. I'm not seeing similar deals now - almost 2 years later. That speaks volumes.
  17. Black Wheel Nicked...

    Exactly what I used. First before painting, I did rough up (only) the chipped area with that white sanding tip and wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils. But CNN? :facepalm::crazy:
  18. What is this? 2016 Mustang......

    Coconut Creek here, too!
  19. wheel bearing or driveling vibes?

    I can confirm it fixed my problem. No more driveline noise after the front hubs were replaced. Thank God for the warranty which saved me $800. :like:
  20. wheel bearing or driveling vibes?

    26K on my 2018 GT and the dealer is replacing both front wheel bearings (hubs) under warranty as we speak. I was getting a fast repeating dull knocking noise in tempo with forward speed (not rpm), most obvious around 45-50mph and turning the wheel slightly left made it louder. First they...