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  1. LP ☠️ Memorial Day Sale! 🇺🇸

    Same thing REMEMBER is not valid
  2. Gen 2 short block build, advice?

    LOL, I guess it does suit what happened.
  3. Gen 2 short block build, advice?

    Don't know what the issue with MMR is. I know there engine builds aren't that great or people who balance there rotating assembly but parts seem ok. Want to order Modular head shop 1200hp rotating assembly. Also have phenolic spacers and upgraded VMP intercooler pump to go in with mods...
  4. Gen 2 short block build, advice?

    Ordered from Vivid racing a few days ago and they cancelled the block saying it was out of stock. Currently running no MMR parts, stock tensioners, boundary crank timing gear and oil pump gears. Been running 91 octane mixed with boostane for 15 months. Knew head bolts would stretch and...
  5. Who's done add'l cooling upgrades to Roush Phase II Supercharged car
  6. Gen 2 short block build, advice?

    Head gaskets went out, car is mixing coolant in oil, was eating oil for 7 months. So tearing down motor to see what is reusable, heads should be good, replacing timing components, already ordered the following MMR timing chain guides, Boss 302R tensioners, ARP timing chain and tensioner bolts...
  7. Tomtop Unit Fixes

    Android are the cheapest next option up far better User Interface and better hardware. My TomTop died after 7 months and I replaced it with the Android unit. Eventually will do a Sync 3 when it fails but it's been going strong for almost 3yrs.
  8. VMP Gen3 Belt sizes

    Still using the K060812HD, can use the K060815 or K060815RPM. What fuel are you using for the 82mm

    Got tunes from PBD by Rob in Jan of 2020 for my VMP Gen 3 kit. He could not get the throttle body adapter harness to work with the newer style 137mm throttle body. After many revisions he said just use the JMS extension straight to the throttle body. Doesn't read intercooler temp air bit was...
  10. Android 8" PX6 unit

    I have a PX5 which is a Winca S200. Been using it for 2 years now. It works great still. Only thing is support is non existent. So if you have an issue don't expect a resolution for it from the company or seller. Was the same thing with the TomTop units but these android units are far better...
  11. Questions about Supercharger Kits

    VMP customer service is mediocre, from personal experience. Not bad products as far as superchargers go. But bad mistakes as of recent for copying vendor products and even screwing up by them being a poor copy. I still like my VMP kit.
  12. Any obtainable HP(for me) left on the table?

    When installing I had to adjust the motor slightly, loosened the motor mounts and pushed it to the left just a little. But if might have been because I replaced my stock motor mounts with URP ones. Other then that there was no issues.
  13. Here's the 2021 Mach 1!!

    Mach 1 looks good, but power wise it's a disappointment. Wish it came with GT350 cylinder heads, or ported 18 heads, bigger valves, Magnum XL trans or DCT from GT500. It's just a better looking Bullitt or a PP2. Still looks good.
  14. Has anyone tried the Spec Super Twin disk clutch?

    Once my Spec stage 3+ goes out I'll be getting the P-Trim next, looks good, and good to see that someone reviewed there dual clutches.
  15. VMP Gen3 Belt sizes

    Belts I've used that work is K060815 for 92mm, 88mm, 85mm pulleys. Swapped to K060812HD using 85mm 6 rib pulley and stock idler and crank pulley. Could not find any info on anyone else trying it. If anyone else has any info for Gen3 or Gen3R and what combo such as rib, idler, crank size please...
  16. Supercharger Memorial day SALE

    Upcoming weekend there should be some sales posted up, mainly lethal or beefcake for superchargers or turbos have sales on the weekend of the holiday.
  17. Has anyone successfully installed the VMP underhood ice tank/res?

    Don't they have a tank that goes where the battery is? Assuming if you relocate the battery to the trunk.
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed Roush rear valance on base model car, and installed 2018-2020 MBRP catback on 2015 Mustang GT. Sounds better than the Gibson exhaust it replaced.