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  1. 3.15 gear in an iron housing

    When searching pick your car and year, then the part you are looking for is the Carrier. From that you will get a screen where you pick the gearing you are looking for and what engine. It will give you a list of both AT & MT cars, and looks like they range from $80-4XX across the...
  2. 3.15 gear in an iron housing

    All manual trans are iron, Ecoboost, V6 and GT. If it’s going in an Auto car you will have to swap your flange over from your exist housing. I just stayed with Aluminum and I’m on 17psi E85 with the Edelbrock.
  3. 3.15 gear in an iron housing you can search all the major yards in the country. The diffs are everywhere, I just switched from 3.55 to 3.15 and got mine out of a 15K car for $125 plus tax 5 miles from my house. I see people everyday spending $350-500 on used housings.
  4. 6R80 Gearing 2015 GT

    I've got 3.55 and going 3.15 because of zero traction on ET Street 305/45 until deep into second gear with the Edelbrock. If you look at all the fastest 6R80 cars they are predominately running 3.15 unless they have the 4R200 hub which changes first gear to 2.74 from the stock 4.17. 6R80/10R80...
  5. Is there a difference between 15-17 and 2018 3.15 Differential ??

    Yes, right when u need the answer u were actually looking for no response. Anybody have an answer for this? I have a 3.55 2017 6R80 that I want to go to 3.15. Local yard has a low mile 2018 3.15 AT Ecoboost housing for next to nothing. Thanks!
  6. Virginia Lund Ngauge

    pm sent
  7. Zeitronix Map Sensor SCT Analog

    Just curious if anybody has experience with the Zeitronix Map sensors and data logging through the SCT X4 Analog. Alex/Lund did an awesome job tuning the car remotely. I wanted to see who might have experience with the Zeitronix sensors or a data log to compare what I am seeing? Thanks...
  8. 15-17 Edelbrock E85 Fuel System Install Issues

    Yes. I ended up calling DW and they said I can throw a piece of tube on each venture outlet and plug them with something and wire clamp closed or just remove the outlets and replace with screws. I ended up going with plastic screws and small o-rings, I believe the thread was 10-32 or 10-24 but...
  9. 15-17 Edelbrock E85 Fuel System Install Issues

    Yes, I am running a single -8 feed into the engine compartment and then into a -8 Y that feeds the rear of both rails. Then out of the front of both rails and across to the regulator and a -6 return back to the tank. The 15-17 also have a rear crossover which I removed but can be used if you...
  10. 15-17 Edelbrock E85 Fuel System Install Issues

    I've been working on upgrading the fuel system and started down the Sai Li path but ended up piecing together a L4 system (rails routed in parallel). I have a 2017 and one of the first 2650 kits released, my rails only have -6 orb front and rear (No side/bottom ports on the rails, not sure if...
  11. Balancer Options Edelbrock

    Just getting mine back together, for now I've stayed with the 6 rib and stock balancer but went with the aux. idler bracket and a 2.75 Griptec.
  12. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual 4" to 5" 90deg, and I have no connections to the elbow (Deleted EVAP & using breathers on Valve Covers). I would imagine you can find the harness somewhere, PN on harness is CM-9926A-M50. Haven't finished up installing the fuel system, hopefully get it finished and started...
  13. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    You will need the harness which will also have a new loose (No terminals) plug that will replace the factory plug that snaps to your stock TB. The best way to do this is buy a de-pinning tool (Lisle 57780 for $10 at RockAuto) and pop the terminals out one at a time and transfer them to the new...
  14. Maintenance on a Sai Li return fuel system

    I never installed the assembly in my car, just found the gunk disassembling it for the twin DW400's. I ended up just getting the DW X2 hat which I am in the process of installing the 400's in and wrapping up my fuel system. Just have to figure out the front passenger side connection at the...
  15. Maintenance on a Sai Li return fuel system

    I bought a used Sai Li that I was in the process of converting to twin DW400’s so I took the basket apart and this is what I found. It wouldn't hurt to clean occasionally I’m guessing.
  16. M14X1.5 Long Shank Lug Alternative to Race Star?

    Ended up ordering them through Discount Tire PN 8609 for Lug and PN 773C for washer both distributed by Excalibur Wheel. $65 for a box of 25 lugs and washers. They came in Friday and they measure 0.730 shank, in the Race Star lugs measure 0.720 on the shank. My rims measure just over 0.740...
  17. M14X1.5 Long Shank Lug Alternative to Race Star?

    Thanks, I located the company this morning and of course I can't order direct but they said Discount Tire should be able to order them for me. The company is Excalibur Wheel Accessories and their PN for Open End is 8609.
  18. M14X1.5 Long Shank Lug Alternative to Race Star?

    Looking for an alternative to the Race Star lugs that are complete $hit! Typically would go McGard but they do not offer any Drag lugs in M14 thread. I know that somebody makes them because I have one that is stamped M14X1.5 and has a HD on it but can't figure out who made the lug? I need...
  19. Post your vacuum block!!!

    Will be running Regulator, Hobbs and MAP off this block.
  20. Edelbrock Stage 2 90MM Ford Throttle Body & Inlet?

    The inlet tube fits the stock TB, but not the bigger 90mm unless u ordered a stage 2 CAI. I have the older version of the 2650.