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  1. Longtube headers and tune

    I worked with my tuner to get my base tune dialed in before install. Also, ARH makes a direct connection to the Corsa double x for their setup in case interested.
  2. aftermarket exhaust on active valve 21 gt

    Only problem with this is the stock mufflers tend to sound tinny with the res gone. Obviously all personal preference but that only lasted about a month for me personally before I couldn't take the tone and went full exhaust.
  3. aftermarket exhaust on active valve 21 gt

    Wouldn't recommend these options due to the drone you would introduce. There are definitely better quality options available.
  4. Active Exhaust & Louder Mufflers

    Just be aware the FM tend to drone.
  5. Removal of Xpipe.

    Go long tubes. Sounds great on the Corsa Sport. Will definitely turn up the volume but still maintain a nice tone unlike the Xtremes when paired with long tubes that just got way too trumpety.
  6. Help finding e85 tune

    AED will do a flex and e85 tune if you prefer the SCT devices.
  7. Turn down the exhaust note

    Definitely reduced some. I think that was part of what helped with that trumpetyness lol.
  8. Turn down the exhaust note

    So when I had that setup it was ARH catted into Xtremes. The tone had that awful trumpety note. The resonators killed that tone and brought the volume down a bit too.
  9. Turn down the exhaust note

    So personally, on my last setup, I added a pair of Vibrant 1794s. Those are 3" in and out and 12" long. I placed them on the straight piping after the muffler before reaching the double x, based on the below pic as a guide. If you are running stock size piping though you will want the one that...
  10. Turn down the exhaust note

    Sorry Vibrants I'm referring to are small bullet resonators that you could weld inline.
  11. Turn down the exhaust note

    You could even add in a pair of Vibrants on existing setup. Would tone it down some but still be cost effective.
  12. Void warranty?

    Upgrading tires is a good choice but skip the spacers as you're just adding rotational weight and potential breaking point. You can go wider, lighter wheels and save weight instead of adding weight and bolt stress with spacers.
  13. Help with tunes

    Already has SCT so AED could be an option. Shaun tunes on that platform. Performance is spot on as well as service. Any custom tune will be better than existing Bama so take that for what it's worth.
  14. Any guys in AZ up for installing a Hellion TT sleeper kit?

    South Mountain, right down the street from Black Market Racing so I use them for my dynos and mods when needed.
  15. Had enough of aftermarket CAI & HIGH IAT's. So here's my fix.

    Hard to argue it kinda does everything well. It flows, keeps iats down and smooth maf curve.

    If keeping the same fuel its pretty close with only marginal gains on 18+. But if swapping to e85 tune and no other mods it's quite a significant gain in performance.
  17. Lethal Performance Corsa exclusive double H pipe exhaust coming soon!

    If doing both components most would opt for the full Corsa Sport or Xtreme catback setup with double H option.
  18. New supercharger choice

    Roush has its place with brand new cars and warranties and drivabilty in their tune but for an older one already out of warranty there are better options. Especially with our summer temps and their design when it comes to heat. Keep in mind even though our 91 is garbage you could consider...