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  1. i can’t be the only one who runs regular in a GT right?

    this is getting crazy. I need to find my safe space...... :cwl:
  2. Millennial Theft Proofing my Mustang

    that would freak me out ....4 on the tree! :cwl: very slow and deliberate shifting! I could see that being a challenge 😀
  3. Introduce yourself!!

    welcome! Nice GT/CS
  4. Millennial Theft Proofing my Mustang

    just remember....we'd all be speaking German if it wasn't for those iron sights 😀 i had a 69 GMC pickup with three on the tree! 😀 That was a blast.
  5. Should I get active exhaust?

    I have AE on mine and love it. I have it set to quiet mode between midnight and 9am. It works great. After 9am it defaults to normal which is fine for me. Enough of a nice exhaust sound and not obnoxious for my taste. I’ve had loud exhausts in the past and love this option.
  6. Horrible to see this

    Unfortunately this stuff happens at the blink of an eye. I was stopped behind a pile up back in 2003 and some ass hat rear ended me at 50 mph. Needless to say my car was totaled but luckily I walked away without a scratch.
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Haven’t washed it in two weeks so applied Zaino gloss enhancer to get by. May not see a wash until spring.
  8. I love the mustang…but…

    Sorry to hear of your issues. I ordered my GT/ CS in June and so far I don’t have any quality issues. I’m in charge of quality control in my company and nothing gets me ticked off more than sloppy workmanship and inconsistent builds. Ford has no excuse not to make things right for you. As a...
  9. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Did some detailing today withZaino Gloss enhancer.
  10. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    I’m getting around 15 mpg. Haven’t taken any long drives yet. Just back and forth to work half highway half local roads. Only been using BP 93.
  11. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    Try dr colorchip. I just bought it for my GT/CS. Found a chip on the hood. I had it for my 06 GT and it worked wonders. Good stuff.
  12. Am I crazy?

    agree with that....i paid 48K out the door for my 21 GT/CS. For the additional $4K difference between a few years old and new I have peace of mind that my car wasn't beat on and put away wet. Unfortunately that's the chance you take buying someone else's car. You may eat up that lower cost...
  13. TicTocTach's 2018 EB Premium PP "Build" Thread

    great thread! Car looks nice.
  14. i can’t be the only one who runs regular in a GT right?

    glad you made it out alive :cwl: we're still behind enemy lines :cwl: I remember when we could pump our own gas in jersey!
  15. How stupid is the idea of drilling holes for roof rack?

    think im gonna hurl.....🤮 to each his own but come on man!:cwl: get the right vehicle for the application.....if you're going camping and hauling stuff, get an suv or pick up! :cwl: these are my personal opinions and no Mustangs were hurt in the process.
  16. Is the GT premium worth it over the stock GT

    I started my quest for a new mustang in 2019 when my DD 2006 GT was on its last legs. Found a base GT with performance package but hesitated on pulling the trigger and let it pass. Price was just under $40k. Then started looking at eco boost…then HP eco boost. Tried to keep cost as low as...
  17. i can’t be the only one who runs regular in a GT right?

    I’ve only been feeding it BP 93 😁
  18. i can’t be the only one who runs regular in a GT right?

    I believe the owners manual says 87 is fine for a GT...your car, your cash, your decision! 😀 I've only been putting in BP 93 octane.....please don't judge me :crackup:
  19. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    :crackup: ...install a stationary "clutch pedal"! That would really mess up someones mind!
  20. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Just remember it’s not an H pattern 😂