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  1. Almost carjacked today...

    I saw a guy on i95 shoot out a cars window, never know what his motivation was. People are nutz. He was next to me for a good while. Glad you are safe.. Why couldn't you outrun a ford fusion?
  2. Stiff shifter

    Stiff after driving a while.
  3. Stiff shifter

    I haven't had it happen recently.
  4. Help a new driver! Spirited driving, traction control & sliding for a noob driver

    If you are used to driving aggressively in a FWD or AWD car a high powered RWD car will hand you your ass in short order. Drifting = crashing. Best way is to get some time on track learn the limits and dial it back form there for the street. The GT350 short of cold tires has so much grip...
  5. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Not to nit pick but the engine is not rated for boost. It got the GT500 block but the block is rarely the weak point of a engine from a boost POV.
  6. Opinions please on new GT350 Carbon Fiber wheels, never installed

    I think the weight gap is about 12 - 16 pounds on a good set of wheels. That doesn't take into account stiffness though. I am not hating on the CF wheels I think they are awesome I was just opining on the value.
  7. Opinions please on new GT350 Carbon Fiber wheels, never installed

    I don't think they are just going to break. Too fragile was poor word choice. I have have wheels damaged by potholes, curbs, rocks, etc. The reparability on the CF wheels seems low.
  8. Opinions please on new GT350 Carbon Fiber wheels, never installed

    Same standards what does that mean? At 4000+ each it makes perfect sense. I do not know why some people on this site pretend money is no object. What about potholes or if they get curbed? Would I track 12000 wheels over $4000 wheels that are a little heavier? no.
  9. Opinions please on new GT350 Carbon Fiber wheels, never installed

    As others have said put them up and see if anyone bites. They will probably be worth what you paid but that might take many years. They are too expensive and to run on the track and too fragile to run on the street, so the real value will be a R owner looking for replacements. Wheels...
  10. Stiff shifter

    Its possible these are relatively cool days.
  11. Stiff shifter

    The shifter in my car feels a little too stiff. The transmission was replaced so I'm going to assume some level of incompetence is to blame. Aside from being maybe 30 percent too stiff it works fine. I would say the stiffness started after the engine was changed. I replaced the fluid but no...
  12. Got an alignment and still having weird vibrations above 80mph

    I had a high speed vibration with my lexus turned out the tires were facked up. I had a high speed balance done and sent their report to tirerack and they took them back. They were technically balanced though Edit I see now you found the issue.
  13. 2017 GT350 with 24k miles blown transmission components

    Im on my second transmission.
  14. Where is everyone going???

    People move on the to the latest. I debated selling mine but Ill have it for at least another year. I got the extended warranty aswell. I was looking at a GT3 or a 997 turbo but they have shot up in price lately. To be a 100% FORD dealers and service have more hesitant to keep the car then...
  15. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Build and Adventure Thread

    Thanks for the input how long do you hope this motor will last ideally.
  16. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Build and Adventure Thread

    Ball park what are these engine builds costing?
  17. Archetype Racing Splitter

    Does any one have experience with Archetype Racing Splitter? They had one for the stock GT350 splitter but I no longer see it. My Type R splitter is looking worse for where and track season is about to start.
  18. Verus Engineering Rear Diffuser Group Buy

    I debated just using it at the track, im not sure I will get into my driveway with it on.
  19. Ford Solicitation for Extended Warranty

    I extended mine to 8 years .. 100k?. I was going to sell my car this summer but I suspect I might keep it.