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  1. Fore FC3 controller under rear seat

    I found it easier to mount in the trunk next to spare tire.
  2. Balancer Options Edelbrock

    Looking at this now, what did you end up doing for OD balancer? Wish there were more options for 8 or 10 rib, Edelbrocks kit is outrageous
  3. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    I installed the ID1050x's without making any's frustrating as all hell to get everything aligned and get the fuel rail bolts in but it is possible!
  4. Max hp on a 2018 mustang em id 1050x

    I meant OP with the Sai Li kit. I have the FORE kit as well - zero issues
  5. Max hp on a 2018 mustang em id 1050x

    Do you have the stock rails still? They are very restrictive after a certain point.
  6. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Just get a Lund tune and be done. The knowledge and experience you get with them shows.
  7. How many S550's have trapped over 170mph?

    The Blue Goose still weighs around 3700
  8. Lund Racing Tune issue

    Exactly what this guy said. Lund is the best in the industry and have helped me every step of the way and always replied fast.
  9. Hellion and fore install now car won't start, HELP

    That is odd. You sure you have it plumbed correctly? (correct ports on pump hat)
  10. Hellion and fore install now car won't start, HELP

    Did you tell Lund you have a return style fuel system? What do you have the DI & Port regulators at?
  11. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    Yeah I'm thinking somethings up with my setup, 60* ambient, 75mph highway driving and IAT is 95-105. Not sure if it's still somehow got air in the system and pump shuts off when driving or what
  12. Edelbrock E-Force Troubleshooting Manual

    3k miles in on my '19 and now my IAT's seem are consistently a minimum of 25* above ambient once car is up to temp... pretty sure I am having pump/heat exchanger issues because it will occasionally push fluid out of the reservoir after sitting, then I top it off and it will do it again a few...
  13. Hellion and fore install now car won't start, HELP

    I used same Yellow/Grey wire at the plug that went into the stock pump hat on my '19 and it worked. I did have weird issues when first priming it (didn't seem like it was triggering the pumps) so I just used a 12v source to trigger FORE controller to set reg pressures. First couple starts I was...
  14. Tuning idle for 1000cc

    You may get a more technical answer or guidance on HP tuners forum, lots of great info over there. Tuning newer vehicles, especially the Ford Tricore is becoming more and more advanced and it really is best to use a tuner that has spent the time and money to research and dial these cars in.
  15. 19 manual tuning and driving modes

    Could be wrong but from what I have played around in HP Tuners, I believe all the drive modes do is pedal/steering feel, active exhaust if you have it, and slight changes to TC & AdvanceTrac.
  16. At what point do 2018s need upgraded injectors on e85?

    Lol got sucked in big time, said I was going to leave it tune only....made it to 2k miles before I had it ripped apart putting the blower and fuel system in it...
  17. Edelbrock 2650 limp mode no CEL

    I have stage 3 with same 103mm TB but tuned by Lund and had the car do the exact same thing only 1 other time. Reflashed car, checked TB electrical connector and haven't had an issue since.
  18. At what point do 2018s need upgraded injectors on e85?

    I have a 19 as well, Lund tuned with nGauge with less than 500 miles. E85 wakes the car up down low big time with no other mods and they have the 18+ tuning very well dialed in. Car now has an Edelbrock 2650 blower stage 3 kit which Lund requires return style fuel system and bigger injector...