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  1. 2020 GT500 Cold Air Induction Alternative

    Ken still runs the JLT after tuning your car. Gains must not be that big.
  2. Is the DCT holding up? (modded)

    They are holding up on dynos and streets but time will tell once they hit the strip at levels over 1000hp. Still no trans tune as of yet that I know of either.
  3. 2018 Mustang Mileage Storage

    Hello, Does the mustang s550 have more than one location for the mileage Reading of the car? I did a cluster swap and I’m trying to figure out what the current mileage reading is on the car. Is there anyway to pull this data via forscan?
  4. 2021 GT500: Manual Trans Option?

    Can’t see forward wasting R&D time to make it slower.
  5. BREAKING: 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Confirmed as the Most Track Capable 5.0L V8 Mustang Ever!

    Hopefully they update that garbage manual trans equipped in the 18+ for the Mach 1
  6. Any minor issues with your new GT500?

    All the interior issues mostly carry over from the s550 model from 2015 since they didn’t change anything for the GT500.
  7. The HULK Is For Sale StangMode GT500 on Ebay

    Yea can’t see why anyone would buy his beat on car. eBay has his same exact car cheaper brand new.
  8. Damn I just found a screaming deal on a C8 Corvette!!!!

    Not sure what the point of this post was then..
  9. Damn I just found a screaming deal on a C8 Corvette!!!!

    Is the car new? What’s the screaming deal? And why would there be an issue with the engine, it’s new.
  10. Dealers willing to make deal!

    Good luck finding anything in stock.. 95% of dealers will have a dealer fee of some sort.
  11. 2021 GT500 colors

    Wow. I’m about to cancel my 2020 order. These colors are a lot better.
  12. Palm Beach Dyno. More passes on a stockish gt500

    Weight reduction from the seats so it’s not fully stock in any runs either.
  13. V00D00's IconicGT500

    So they sent it to VMP for testing instead? Pretty messed up they gave him the run around. Should have been up front from the get. VMP will get good data though especially that they have an upgraded prototype intercooler for the blower already.
  14. 2020 GT500 OEM camber plates/Base Handling Pkg

    Plates are only included in the Carbon Track package. There hasn’t been any reports of anyone receiving plates with a base handling package. Only extra in the trunk reported was for the YouTuber SpeedPhenom which had the oil catch can included with his handling package. Don’t know if others...
  15. V00D00's IconicGT500

    jokerzperformance should be releasing results on their ported GT500 blower pretty soon.
  16. V00D00's IconicGT500

    Who trashed 2 dcts? Was this during Testing the trans tunes?
  17. Anderson Composites

    Hood vent is the only thing I’m interested in. The rest is too much carbon IMO for a mustang.