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  1. Brake pads sticking after a wash.

    Happens everytime I wash mine at home as well and dont drive it after.....normal.
  2. GT350 Daily Use

    Bought mine in Oct of last year. Had 1 previous owner and 3100 miles on it. I daily it and it has over 11k miles on it now. Bought it to drive....not to wipe it with a diaper when I walk by it in the garage.
  3. New Owner just stopping in

    Congrats! I just picked one up myself recently. 1 previous owner 2017 with 3100 miles. Love it so far!
  4. Pro Charger P1SC gains on a 2020 Mustang GT on Pump gas vs E85

    True but I would rather be enjoying my car than watching it sit and throwing $ at it to get it back on the road. As they say, pay to play.
  5. Pro Charger P1SC gains on a 2020 Mustang GT on Pump gas vs E85

    nothing wrong with going with safe power levels if your not going to put money into the motor.
  6. got myself a small upgrade

    taking it in today to get paint corrected, ceramic coated and windows tinted.
  7. Pro Charger P1SC gains on a 2020 Mustang GT on Pump gas vs E85

    i recently test drove a GT350 with a P-1SC system on it and it was dyno'd at 718 the the wheels on pump for thought.
  8. got myself a small upgrade

    NO i didnt have magna ride on my GT. It was just stiff all the time. The normal suspension setting on the 350 is very forgiving but the car still handles amazing in normal. Sport stiffens it up quite well as I can feel it in my back on the bumps because I just had surgery on my spine back in...
  9. got myself a small upgrade

    Yes sir, i'm not one to buy a car to look at it in the garage. I will drive it!!
  10. got myself a small upgrade

    Taking it in Friday for paint correction, ceramic coat and tint. We shall see what the future holds. I've always like the sound of twin turbo blow off valves! That will be a little bit though!
  11. New 10R80 Supercharged World Record - Steeda Equipped!

    the launch on video was sick and that 60" though!!! Congrats again!!
  12. got myself a small upgrade

    the sound of this thing alone to me is amazing compared to my GT active exhaust in Track mode. I had a PP1 and it handled great on the farm roads I regularly drive. This thing is on another level with handling and I forgot how fun a manual is to drive! There will be things I miss about my GT...
  13. got myself a small upgrade

    So i got myself a small upgrade this past weekend. Absolutely loving this thing! Drives so good!!! From 2019 GT to 2017 GT350, 1 previous owner and only had 3100 miles on it!
  14. Spare Tire Tale
  15. Moving to Okinawa Japan

    Retired Air Force myself. I did 2 consecutive tours in Okinawa. My wife and I loved it there. I tried to make it 3 tours but they changed the rules on staying there during my 2nd tour and we had to leave. Scuba diving there is amazing!!! Many different coutries to visit from there that you...
  16. Moving to Okinawa Japan

    Honestly after living there 6 years i wouldnt want to take my new Mustang there. Typhoons every season, coral dust, salty air would probably ruin it before you moved back. I owned 5 cars in 6 years. One of them i had to get rid of because it literally rusted a hole in the roof inside where...
  17. Moving to Okinawa Japan

    I was stationed in Okinawa a while back and unless the rules have changed you cant take a newer car like a 2019 there. I would sell or store, save and buy another or buy mods fore when you return.
  18. Electrical Problem?

    read the manual. go into the settings and turn off the cars ability to have climate control on the auto setting on start up and change it to last setting used.
  19. Installed new tips 18-20 active exhaust

    looks good. where did you get the tips from? Have a link?
  20. Texas Parts For Sale

    wheel/tire size/type? TPMS?