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  1. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    Good write up. Appreciated. Glad you enjoyed the trip. Did Granger remove the decals for you or you did that yourself. Looks great without them.
  2. First mods to your Mach 1

    Don't trust the dealer for the next attempt. Only use West Point Auto Works in Monroeville. Ask for Tom, guaranteed no issues. Perfect mount and balance. Roadforce balance too. Tremendous value.
  3. 2021 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Live 5 min away. Ride through all the time
  4. 2021 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Looks tremendous Mike
  5. 2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

  6. 2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

    Good review of the mach 1. Highlighted it against other mustang variants. Carlos didn't mention any comparisons to the competition or similar dollar cars. He's a huge fan of the SS 1LE and recommends in consistently to anyone looking for an out of the box track car. Looking forward to his...
  7. Has anyone purchased a Mach 1 under MSRP?

    2 dealers by me have agreed to the 2% under invoice, if I move forward with ordering one. 1 dealer by me has an HP car with $7000 ADM, hilarious.
  8. The Devil Is In The Detailing

    When I actually washed my ceramic coated coated cars, I pressure washed them first. Then sprayed this on them. Let it dwell for a bit. Then used a sponge to go over the surface, no pressure, just contact. Some people then again...
  9. The Devil Is In The Detailing

    You'll be able to tell upon it rolling off the truck if it's "beat up". Having a dealer wash a car will introduce swirls without question. They're washing cars for people who look at cars as appliances, not detail oriented enough to understand the how improper washing/drying damages paint/soft...
  10. Ford Rocks ........... Whoo Hooo

    Local dealer to me with (1) with the splitter installed and flares. $7k ADM, LOL. Meanwhile dealer 5 mi away from there is selling them below invoice. Ha Saw the car in person this week. Flares weren't installed well. Inconsistent fitment along wheel well...
  11. Anyone order Velocity Blue with Red Calipers?
  12. 2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

    Looks are subjective. Measurable performance ability and value are objective. Everyone's decision to buy whatever they choose is subjective as well. Various reasons as to why anyone obtains any of their possessions... Entitled to those reasons too. I appreciate and respect that. For my...
  13. 2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

    Mach 1 premium with HP, Recaros, and red brake calipers... you're already at $61k +... ZL1 is $64k base. Amenities are abundant and included in the ZL1 too... Not to mention the 650HP/650TQ. That'll be the comparison. Dollar for dollar performance and what you get for your money as you drive it...
  14. 2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

    I'm waiting on the magazine reviews of the SS 1LE for $43k in comparison to the Mach 1 HP for $57k. We'll see what, shakes out for performance/$ value. I'm assuming to know the results already. SS 1LE will outperform in most/all areas measurable. They'll praise the Mach 1 HP for ease daily use...
  15. Ford Build and Price has been updated

    Site is still goofy. You can select the HP wheels and spoiler w/ no price change. Also under interior, rear seat delete is displayed but cannot 'add it'. It just perks with no result