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  1. Front Grill

    I would think an after market grill for a GT would work.
  2. Front Grill

    Has any one changed out this part for an after market one considering it will e forever before there is a part for the round circles.
  3. Granger Ford & Mach 1 Review

    Have a new Mach 1 waiting to be picked up at Granger- should I have the alignment checked by service before the truck gets there I also found Granger from this forum- was an easy deal as car was just sitting there and timing is every thing. Called on a Monday and car was paid for on Tuesday. I...
  4. Ordered a 2022 the day ordering opened (September 29th)! I'm excited to be here!

    All of this is why I caught by accident a 21 HP manual on the dealer lot at Granger velocity blue and jumped on it- paid msrp and this is fine- every place else wanted 5-10k ADM. Hope to ship it next week. I am not optimistic about the 22 build dates.
  5. 2021 Mach 1 Finally

    I do not keep anything that long except my wife- Have had 5 350s like them but thought 75k was a little high and dealer would give nothing. Also never usually buy used cars- too particular.
  6. 2021 Mach 1 Finally

    After 2 weeks of frustrating work finally found a new car in the midwest on the lot at msrp in my fav color velocity blue with all the right options. Was ready to pull trigger on a 20 Gt350 with 400 miles- might have been a better car but was 10k more.
  7. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    2 Dealers I found that had cars wanted 5k ADM and the cars sold
  8. 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Orders to be cancelled because commodity shortages

    Good luck finding a HP with manual- I wanted it with leather- have one but it has rear seat delete and 5k over- looks like I will go for a 20 GT350 instead which have APPRECIATED unfortunate for me BETTER CAR BY SPADES.
  9. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    Before the stop I was looking at May with them- now who know when if at all.
  10. 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Orders to be cancelled because commodity shortages

    Lucky you- gave up on this charade- too much like work.
  11. 2022 GT500 at MSRP

    can not even get a Mach 1 at msrp- 5-10k ADM
  12. 20 GT350 Heritage Value

    16 and 17 went to dealers- 18 and 19 went retail- the market for expensive mustangs is limited- dreamers with no $$$- have 40k but need 65k. My 20R was auctioned last spring which now looks like light money. Just my experience- normally deal in high line cars. Different kind of buyer. Looking...
  13. Florida 2021 Mach 1For Sale

    I am seeing new at 5k ADM and refused to buy- 69k all in.
  14. 20 GT350 Heritage Value

    I think thread is clear- looking to buy HEP car- had 16-19 regular 350s and a 20R and now a 500.
  15. 20 GT350 Heritage Value

    Less than 1k miles- looking at- in this crazy car market what is value of this- have had 16,17,18,19 and 20R and all were difficult cars to sell used. My experience any way.
  16. 2022 Mustang Mach 1 - 2% under invoice

  17. 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Orders to be cancelled because commodity shortages

    I was ordering a new Mach 1 from Granger with May delivery until the shutdown. Now the May delivery could be who knows- that was 7 months I do not have an issue paying 5k ADM for a 21 in light of the lack of new cars for as far as you can see. I am not excited but who knows if a 22 will even...
  18. $12k ADM on 2021 Mach 1

    Actually with the trucker issues maybe longer.
  19. $12k ADM on 2021 Mach 1

    I can not tell you what to price- this is on 21s- my issue on ordering a 22 car was told by Jay not until May which could be a delivery issue as I live in 2 places.
  20. $12k ADM on 2021 Mach 1

    My search on Cargurus is 5k on most to as much as 10k ADM