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  1. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    I volunteer for the paddock tire mounting competition.
  2. Anybody bored with their car?

    I live in a suburb. 99.9% of the time, the driving experience is the same as rowing the gears of a loaded dump truck. Nowhere to stretch the Mustang’s legs. My advice is to start doing track days. If you can get real performance driving into your life, you won’t care about the day to day...
  3. Mustang Off-road?

    Yeah front.
  4. Mustang Off-road?

    Anything taller than ~28.3 inches will rub the spring perches. That being said, at stock ride height a Mustang can do a lot of things without hurting itself with some care and common sense. Or you can drive like this:
  5. Bilstein B6’s Sold Out- What is the next best option

    I’d love to see a shock dyno comparison if it exists. The only thing to improve over Koni yellow would be to bravely increase compression damping for Motorsports and hope the public doesn’t hate it for daily driving.
  6. Bilstein B6’s Sold Out- What is the next best option

    I’m disappointed no one has mentioned Koni yellow adjustable shocks. They definitely do their job and the knobs do impact handling.
  7. What pressure for narrower winter tires?

    I run 32f 28r cold for my snow tires. Mostly for even rear wear.
  8. i need high school chick advice please

    A mindset that uses the word “Chick” is not how to get chicks. 10 out of 10 experts agree.
  9. Track Handling Package & Front Camber Adjustement

    For that range I would not do any camber corrections. It should more or less happen on its own.
  10. Track Handling Package & Front Camber Adjustement

    The slotting isn’t particularly rewarding to do and I recommend plates if at all possible. Despite throwing my car into dirt sideways semi-regularly, the bolts have not slipped:
  11. Millennial Theft Proofing my Mustang

    I always look at the pedal box when judging if a car is stick shift. Better put in a fake clutch pedal as well.
  12. SCCA F-Street Setup. What's Everyone Done so Far?

    Thank god the SEB killed FS before Black Friday. Goodbye FS, hello CAM-C.
  13. SCCA F-Street Setup. What's Everyone Done so Far?

    I got like a 2 year warning on this. I suppose I’m ok with it. I wonder if I will get off my butt and make an equally uncompetitive CAM car.
  14. Autocross/daily driver questions

    Benefit depends on alignment optimization and driving style mostly. With rt660 you can time a rotate & flip that definitely extends lifetime. Financially more beneficial if you mount tires yourself.
  15. Autocross/daily driver questions

    Over -3 deg front camber is standard issue at autocross for pretty much all classes with sufficient modifications allowed.
  16. Battery Tender - Issue with 2016 GT ?

    Get a new battery before diagnosing further.
  17. Michelin PS4S's are out of stock. What to get now?

    In actual Motorsports (autocross) the continental has proven rain performance. The Indy 500 has proven that it’s not fun. I’ve raced both tires dry and wet. ECS is the winner, I’ve purchased them twice so far.
  18. Autocross/daily driver questions

    Technically, I’ve done track days and after a few laps the car gets pushy.
  19. Autocross/daily driver questions

    Why do these things keep happening to me?