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  1. With the end in sight for the Hellcats, how much longer will the GT500 hold on.

    I'll be shopping lightly used in a few years. ho ho
  2. Millennial Theft Proofing my Mustang

    No dude Subaru's and VW's.
  3. Millennial Theft Proofing my Mustang

    Hold it!!!! I was part of the worst generation, going to hell, never gonna amount to nutting, horrible jangling music, smoking pot... those damn Hippies! Credit where credit is due. Ho ho.
  4. Millennial Theft Proofing my Mustang

    I get it, potato, poh-tat-toe, tomato, Ta-Mah-toe. Best thing is we both got the Mustang we wanted!
  5. Millennial Theft Proofing my Mustang

    and...... my 2020 GT is the 10 speed auto! I truly liked it over my test drives with the 6 spd stick.
  6. Millennial Theft Proofing my Mustang

    Kinda funny really as I've encountered this a few times, "uh wait no, I can't drive this one, sorry." Ironically my Millennial son's (Son #2) first car he bought was a Honda Civic 5-speed standard.
  7. New Shelby American Mustang Teaser - For Dec 15 Reveal

    anyone remember Rush's Red Barchetta? Will I end up being the Uncle on the farm?
  8. With the end in sight for the Hellcats, how much longer will the GT500 hold on.

    or....... or somehow we vote another conservative (no political stand here please) into office and they, again force the EPA to take a back seat. Could happen ya know.
  9. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Added a new fancy wind restrictor to the Orange Beast this weekend. yep it is a more expensive one but slick looking add on.

    Cancellations have been mostly Mach 1's, Shellby's or late year orders for MY2021. Now you are ordering for MY2022 but the wait... and canceled orders get priorty over new MY2022 orders, I hear. fwiw. Since I found the GT with everything I wanted and showroom condition why wait and I really...

    If you were set on buying a new one. While mine is a 2020 it had only one owner and 4.400 miles, still has new leather seat smell. I thought about new but all the sad news with orders delayed, cancelled put me off. On my drive today I passed a BMW dealer with only 10 or 12 cars sitting in the...

    Uh yeah that's just timing I guess. LOL Did get a good drive in today though. This is NOT going to be a daily driver, ever. Not a store run car either. Fun drives, road trips, Cars & coffee things and track days.

    Okay I posted that I was finally getting my TO 2020 GT. Here it is finally! It has every feature I ever wanted, convertible (for great road trips), PP1 (for HPDE's), Active Exhaust and MagnaRide!

    I'd take them off, feels like it detracts from the sleek frontend look. More like JC Whitney mobile... just my opinion.
  15. Enhance or replace B&O sound system in 2020 GT

    To put in perspective I didn't by my GT with PP1 for the sound system. Keeping it real here, it's about the ride not the tunes. Still if Ford is going to charge for an "upgraded" sound system it should sound upgraded and at least better than a stock sound system in a 2015 Passat. After I do my...
  16. All that’s left is the sound.

    I'm now going back in my head to the days I had my old banana seat bike with the cards in the spokes! Vroom!
  17. And It's Official

    and even that is being questioned now, Millennials did it but the next one's up are thinking twice about it.
  18. And It's Official

    Maybe I'll update that with folks that make $15 or $20 per hour won't buy $60,000 EV's. One thing positive I've seen is that younger folks are done with buying tons of shit on credit weighing themselves down with "stuff" for stuff's sake. Way to go!
  19. And It's Official

    I posted this before about the EV coming wave... how does the electric power plants generate that juice you need for the EV, a lot of it still comes from fossil fuels. Power companies can "store" generated juice in batteries but firs they have to make it and Natural Gas and yep coal are still...