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  1. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    At my track garage 😒
  2. Resonator delete, tips and tricks...

    same…..took me 30min to install on the 350 the 500….that shit sucked
  3. Gt350 track attack # 12

    What is the ballpark for the cost of these cars? Just curious
  4. I wanted to say Goodbye

    damn dude…..and one of the rarest r’s on top of that. Id of bought it form you had i known and turnedit into a full racecar. Now im sure its going to scrap yard
  5. Stock and modified 2020 gt500s vs Tesla Plaid

    Same as a gt500 going flat out…..
  6. Lowering springs for GT500

    bro the fronts are $80 each lmao….why are you waiting.
  7. Lowering springs for GT500

    @Diego's_GT350 give us the info bro. Mines getting work done imma send them these hoes
  8. Lowering springs for GT500

    they dont come up anywhere, even on bmr’s site
  9. Lowering springs for GT500

    Jesus christ that looks perfect
  10. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    lets pray 6xd can make their sequential work.
  11. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    All that work and still cant get into the 8’s….smh
  12. FL-2087 oil filter

    because the filter can collapse from the gt500 oil pump pressure……ive seen it happen on a gt350…..thats why they updated it to the 2087 for them also
  13. FL-2087 oil filter

    metal sleeve is veryimportant
  14. Favorite Car lifts

    yoooooooo that shits insane….how much was it

    nice…..whens the magnet going to be put in discount code for the sequential kit yet?
  16. Exhibitions Of Speed - PYTHON GT500 Hood Vent Project

    Is the forged carbon the one thats on your car now?
  17. FS: New in box gt500 oil separator FRPP

    Price lowered $50
  18. Favorite Car lifts

    Same. I only have 9ft ceilings
  19. NIB 2020 GT500 parts - Forgeline Lund spec wheels, triple pump fuel system, Whipple IC core, pulley, x-pipe, CAI etc

    Fuck if those wheels were beadlocks rears in 18’s id do it right now. im still 👀 the fuel system and injectors