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  1. Florida Looking for Complete Vortech V3 Kit

    just how cheap
  2. 2018 Mustang A10 bone stock drag strip results

    My 18 pp1 a10 stock on ps4s went 12.00s.Now it is on e85 long tube headers. steeda closed cai.Dragpack.Went in the 11.30s. Strong head wind.
  3. 10’s N/A again with Kona Blue 19

    Yes that was me i remember you.I ran 11.36 in a strong head wind.All the tracks closed now hope to see ya in the spring.
  4. 10’s N/A again with Kona Blue 19

    fomoco i run the same e85,lth,steeda closed,ran 11.30,s with 13mph head wind last sat at byron.weight 4040.
  5. First attempt getting into drag racing need advice.

    I ran mine with good 93,in drag mode,stabiity and traction control off,28 psi in rear,45 psi in front.18 pp1 magna ride and active exhaust.12.09 around 1500 da.
  6. Spun my GT PP1 on the strip

    Hoping to hit byron this sat or sun
  7. Help installing rtd tune.

    Have windows lap top and already tuned with e85 lth.Used sct which took me awhile to do.Added a steeda pro flow closed intake now and seen great results on other wengerd tuned mustangs Just making the change to the rtd is a learning process for this 60 year old man lol.
  8. Help installing rtd tune.

    Was going wengerd tune.
  9. Help installing rtd tune.

    Awesome i will contact you soon.Waiting on cai.
  10. Help installing rtd tune.

    Anyone in illinois that can help me install a tune with rtd and data log.Thanks
  11. Virginia STEEDA 2018+ closed cold air intake

    intrested call 815 712 1425
  12. About to find the limits of stock.

    Yes im going to run my this saturday.18 pp1 longtubes e85 dragpack.Stock cai.But soon hoping a steeda pro flow closed cai.
  13. Spun my GT PP1 on the strip

    My buddies the starter there and had a great view
  14. About to find the limits of stock.

    Was that the white mustang at byron.I left but i heard about it.
  15. About to find the limits of stock.

    Great,hopefully it dont happen again.
  16. About to find the limits of stock.

    Get the dash issue fixed.
  17. New PB. 10.52/138

    Camaro lt4 blower pulley headers e85.Will be at byron on sunday.