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  1. What Upgrades/Mods are you going to do to your Mustang?

    From memory, iron removing wheel cleaners are pH neutral so will be safe with coatings. Seeing as you have a Gyeon coating, the Gyeon wheel cleaner should play well. Wheely Clean is pH neutral. I would dilute the Brake Buster in your case - "Can also be diluted 5:1.. If used weekly you may...
  2. What Upgrades/Mods are you going to do to your Mustang?

    Brake Buster contains a corrosion inhibitor so should help with rusting of the rotors. This product is highly alkaline so it can be diluted if you want to calm it down a bit. I always use Brake Buster at full strength, but it can strip wax and sealant in this form so pick your mark. You can also...
  3. Your car wash workflow

    Can confirm that my Big Boi certainly works well at dog drying duties! :like: With such a thick coat, I need all the help I can get.
  4. Convertibles Photos Thread

    For me, they would mean easier cleaning! You need a new avatar now.
  5. Bathurst 1000km Supercars V8

    In most years, a Kangaroo will make an appearance on the track during the race. This year was different, the safety car was called out for a spiky little critter, a Echidna.
  6. Convertibles Photos Thread

    New wheels? They look great! :clap:
  7. Oz S550 spotted thread

    Sunday seems to Mustang day around here, spotted several out enjoying a drive on a beautiful day. Two stood out, a spotless Competition Orange example and an absolutely stunning Deep Impact Blue GT with a few choice mods. The DIB car must have just been detailed because it was absolutely...
  8. glaze, sealant, and wax job, safe to wax plastic metallic grey spoiler?

    Nice choices! You can also use DLUX on the head and tail lamps, windscreen scuttle panel, fog lamp surrounds, wing mirror arms and grill openings. A couple of points on DLUX application, you will need to clean the plastic surfaces very well prior to apply the coating. I cleaned mine with an...
  9. glaze, sealant, and wax job, safe to wax plastic metallic grey spoiler?

    Don't beat yourself up over it, sometimes things like that happen. It's especially frustrating when the result doesn't match the effort put in. Despite them both being Chemical Guys products, I'm guessing those two don't play well with each other. I have had similar things happen when mixing...
  10. glaze, sealant, and wax job, safe to wax plastic metallic grey spoiler?

    For the black plastic trims, you have a couple of options. The first would be to use a dressing such as 303 Protectant. This is a water based dressing that will last 5 - 6 weeks. I like 303 the best of these sort of products as it applies so easily with minimal rubbing/buffing to get a nice...
  11. glaze, sealant, and wax job, safe to wax plastic metallic grey spoiler?

    Having used DLUX on mine, can confirm the finish remains flat/matte, although it will add some depth and some slight sheen.
  12. Your car wash workflow

    In terms of using a pressure washer for car cleaning, I totally get the faff it can be to get it all set up and running, then packing it all away at the end. I washed my cars with a hose and bucket for year and years despite owning a (crappy) entry level pressure washer for that very reason. As...
  13. Your car wash workflow

    A final rinse prior to the drying process is probably just as important as the initial rinse. The final rinse will remove any lingering dirt and, of course, soap residue. As you mention, the use of a foam cannon tends to necessitate a more targeted final rinse step, with attention given to the...
  14. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    And it turned up today!! I couldn't help but have a little play with the layout. As you can see, the painted concrete is trashed! I have a few days booked off over Christmas and New Year so they will sit in the boxes until then and give me a chance to take my time with the...
  15. Brake Rotors How can you Remove the Rust?

    Your solution -
  16. Post pictures of your animals

    Look who's most pleased with himself after chasing pussy over the back fence!
  17. Shipping Track and Trace & Vin number

    That image has the wrong name on Grabber Blue and Atlas Blue. The darker blue is Atlas and the lighter is Grabber.
  18. Your car wash workflow

    I agree. He has a great way of telling the audience what he is doing, how he is doing it and why he is doing it.
  19. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    That is pornographic! 😁