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  1. No prep racing

    NMRA, and maybe NMCA, has a true street class (open to non members). You can have a lot of fun, with a degree of safety. NMRA travels with a complete crew, plus local 1st Responders. The tracks are immaculate, so you don't have to run though fluids and debris from other vehicles. All pluses in...
  2. No prep racing

    I don't understand "no prep" racing either! I enjoy running national events on fully prepped 1/4 mile tracks, I go faster, break fewer parts and have more fun! Both NMRA and NMCA do a great job!
  3. Flex Fuel Tunes - has anyone gotten it to work properly?

    I use a Cobb data logger / tuning device. I still have some work to do, before my Mustang is ready for testing. But as soon as I power up my electronics, I'll see if that information is available.
  4. Flex Fuel Tunes - has anyone gotten it to work properly?

    Good question! I assume it "actually switches over". You may want to contact Jessie Ringling of EMS. That's who I purchased my flex fuel/ E85 kit from, and he also arranging the tuning via PD tuning.
  5. Let's talk IRS upgrades on a near stock car

    Most of the guys I race with, run the same tire (28" x 10.5") and gear (3.55) as you! And with good success, no wheel hop and very little tire spin. I've been told, it's a good setup for S550 Mustangs in the 400 whp to 600 hp range. Above that, they have problems with wheel spin. One racer who...
  6. Let's talk IRS upgrades on a near stock car

    With your tire size (on 17" wheels) and 400 RWHP, it was recommended to me to switch to 3.55 gears and add BMS drag springs (front and back).
  7. ign corrections stock map [log]

    WOT is probably not considered normal operation by the manufacturer and (when needed) cooling the combustion chamber is probably considered more important than power. "My comments are based on theory, not facts!"
  8. ign corrections stock map [log]

    That's not a totally bad thing... more fuel means more cooling in the combustion chamber, but less air also means less horsepower...!?? Will your motor lean out as your rpm increases and your boost builds?
  9. Hpp vs regular

    I went with the base Ecoboost Mustang and added my own mods. This has worked for me, mostly due to having only one primary purpose for my car, 1/4 mile track racing. However, if I was looking for a nice weather driver... I'd probably go with the HPP (premium) Mustang, and keep it factory stock...
  10. ign corrections stock map [log]

    I'm having problems reading your chart. But are you running rich, or is your motor being starved for air?
  11. Experience with Motor Mount Replacement

    Ramps are a good option (I carry a set to the track)! I still drag a jackstand under the car with me, just in case.
  12. Experience with Motor Mount Replacement

    I use the pinch welds only, weather I'm using my scissor lift or Jacks. I place the jackstands under the car, wherever I'm working for my safety, not to support the car.
  13. ign corrections stock map [log]

    I had a similar experience. Instead of using an octane booster, I added 2.5 gallons of flex fuel to a 1/2 tank of 93 octane. But, since you have already added an octane booster, I'm not sure what to advise... Have you considered, topping your tank off with 93 octane from another station?
  14. First attempt getting into drag racing need advice.

    Takes time and practice. Sounds like you have some good knowledge/experience already. Your learning how to warm up your tires and get a good launch. Try working with your tire pressure, when I ran street tires, I dropped the pressure of the rear tires down to 24 pri and increased the front...
  15. 10r80 FBO E85, Second trip to the track: 11.26 at 126.25

    I may go ahead and disconnect mine (I trailer my car). I ran last season with front drag springs only, just added matching rear springs (haven't done any testing). FYI: Jessie Ringling of EMS (engineering motorsports solutions) sells a custom torque converter for the 10R80 transmission (for...
  16. 10r80 FBO E85, Second trip to the track: 11.26 at 126.25

    You have some nice mods on your car, and have done a good job on weight reduction. Any pros or cons on disconnecting the front sway bar links?
  17. 10r80 FBO E85, Second trip to the track: 11.26 at 126.25

    When I changed my rear springs (one at a time), everything un-bolted easy. I think dropping the complete IRS may be the way to go!??
  18. 10r80 FBO E85, Second trip to the track: 11.26 at 126.25

    Sounds like a fun day at the track!! PS: I'm also planning to change out my 3.15 gears for 3.55 gears... What is a fair price, when dealing with a salvage yard?? Thanks
  19. 15k piston inspection

    Not what I expected, But this is the 1st direct injection motor I've ever played with... Don't know what to make of it?? PS: I'll have to scope mine when I change plugs!