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  1. Brake Dust/Wheel Cleaner Preference

    P&S Brake Buster. One can dilute it to whatever concentration works for you depending on how often the tires and wheels are cleaned. It also contains corrosion inhibitors that deposit a thin layer of protection on the wheel to protect from future corrosion. The rotors don't flash rust after...
  2. Spun my GT PP1 on the strip

    Not sure how you kept it off the walls, but nice save. Probably couldn't save your shorts after that one though.
  3. Favorite ONE mod that you have done.

    I purchased my whip used so it had the first mod done already but if it didn't I would have done it as my first mod. I'm not ricky racer but I enjoy the sound of a 5.0. Roush exhaust.
  4. Keeping brake rotor "Hats" clean?

    I use P&S Brake Buster. Brake Buster contains corrosion inhibitors that deposit a layer of protection on the wheel to protect from future corrosion.
  5. Noticed brief puff of blue smoke today on startup, only the fourth startup since FR PP2 install...

    I noticed blue smoke on my S197 5.0. Typically it was shortly after I had driven and started it back up. After adding the FRPP oil separator it went away. You should add one just to keep all the oil from running through the intake.
  6. I think i am regretting Race Red due to Police breaking balls daily.

    I just got pulled over in my race red 5.0 w/Roush exhaust. I was on a 2 lane, maintaining distance and low rpms (quiet) in a line of cars. In lieu of ticketing, if I made a donation to the (small town) Police dept of $75 I would be on my way. My crime? Having a clear cover over my license...
  7. Weathertech Floor mats

    What do you use to bring back the black shine that isn't slippery as all get out?
  8. Chemical Guys Butter Wax

    Another vote for beadmaker. I use it after every wash. I've like Meg's hybrid ceramic topped by beadmaker. Between the two they are so easy to use and give great results I am phasing out everything else I have tried. For the effort, nothing I've tried compares.
  9. Aftermarket shift lights?

    I went with a speedhut. It plugs into OBDII. The reason was I wanted to be able to set shift points based on gear. The hardest part of the install is hiding the wire. I also like the small inconspicuous size. Oh, it also has a launch feature that blinks when you get close and holds steady...
  10. 2019 5.0 What’s sounds great?

    I have Roush. At idle and driving around town it's quiet in the cabin. I don't have to crank the radio and can have normal conversations. Not sure how loud it sounds to others. Hit the go pedal and the car gets loud in a hurry. For a (semi) daily, I love it. No drone either.
  11. OEM Battery life- what to expect

    Mine lasted 8 years. (I drive an S197 but browse 6g)
  12. Good Ford fluid service recommendationsions

    Acid eats the bearings too, pitting them, causing the rear to whine/growl. I'd go slightly more often.
  13. BBQ tick - another attempt to understand

    Excessive side rod clearance cushioned by ceratec so that the sound is diminished and not audible. The reason the coyote motors tick more often at idle or at idle with a load (i.e. ac compressor) is that at idle the crank thrust is minimal. Some engines have to rev up to find the spot where...
  14. BBQ tick - another attempt to understand

    Exactly. Excessive rod side clearance. Torque thrust the crank and the rod clearance diminishes and so does the tick.
  15. P&S Beadmaker. Wow.

    If you are like me, you try various products to keep your ride clean and shiny. I've tried them all. I've been using Meguirs Xpress spray wax based on good online reviews. I use it mostly as I dry after a wash. But I haven't been able to get the results others have. It's streaky and seems...
  16. Two questions about shift lights

    I ended up buying one from Speed Hut. It hooks up to the OBD port. I mounted it by my A pillar but used velcro on my window. The part that I needed was programmable shift points by gear. It also has a launch function.
  17. Cleaning Tailpipes

    I had all sorts of deposits on my Roush A/Bs and didn't want to harm the finish. I used Meguiar's D15601 Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax on them and that removed all deposits and shined them up nicely. I spray everything with that shit!
  18. Unsolicited Compliments

    I read this thread this morning then took my S197 to lunch. I caught someone taking a picture of my car while stopped at a light. This has happened to me more than once.
  19. Does imperfections in the road pull your car all over the place?

    I have a S197 (2011 GT) and it tramlines bad. I aired my tires down and it did help some. I guess I will have to live with it until I get new tires. I'm on the optional 19" rims so they are low profile. (245/45/19 Pirellis)
  20. Smoke at startup

    Same here. That was before I added a catch can. Haven't noticed any smoke since adding the catch can.